16 for 2016: February

16 walks

NOT ONE long walk of over an hour.

February has been a write off due to one illness after another. Small woodland walks but no long ones. Luckily I was well enough to enjoy our family holiday and here is a shot of some of my knitted bobble hats bobbing along on a lovely walk in the Hampshire countrysideimage.jpeg

15 handmade cards


4 never ending cards as seen in this post: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/never-ending-cards/

14 items for my Etsy shop

Still just the one.

13 swims


lots of swimming with little ones on holiday, as our holiday home had a lovely indoor pool, but no ‘exercise’ swims

12 blog posts about my garden

TWO in the ‘End of Month View’ series inspired by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden: https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/end-of-month-view-on-the-cusp-of-spring/

A wonderful day of sunshine lifted my spirits. Seeing the maroon branches of the silver birch against that clear blue sky made me gasp with delightimage

11 bags made 


10 different types of bead


9 pieces of textile art 


8 mornings of sorting and storing


7 paintings 


I had booked a day workshop in lino-cut printing, hoping to create a couple of paintings with them included, but sadly could not go due to being ill – a bit of a theme in February. I’m so glad it is March, hoping I can march into Spring with a robust immune system and be rid of all those yucky bugs.

6 bus rides 


I did not realise I could use my Bus Pass for the Park and Ride in Salisbury. Not quite what I had in mind but I am counting the 2 rides as one for now.

I took Miss E to Salisbury Cathedral to see a sculpture exhibition by Sophie Ryder. We had such a lovely day.

5 different forms of exercise


4 patterns for my shop


3 massages


I found a therapist just a few minutes away who does Swedish massage, which is the style I trained in. It was just what I needed, I returned home and slept soundly for 2 hours. Time to book another soon I think.

2 ways to help refugees


again plans were scuppered by the lurgy

1 novel


It has been a strange month with  weird things going wrong – do you have times like that? I have been without my laptop for nearly a month and then I lost my charger for the iPad. A technology black-out ensued! I started to read a book, Under the Ombu Tree, I was really getting into it and then someone told me it is good but has a tragic ending. I cannot face a tragic ending! Do you have any joyful uplifting books to recommend?

Zero beads bought



My biggest success this month was to make 4 handmade cards.  Ha!

It doesn’t bother me as, in my mind, there are months ahead when I can whizz ahead and the contrast will be good to note and to share with you.

I’m joining in with Nanacathy, The Aran Artisan, Murtagh’s Meadow and Let the Sewing Begin.


16 responses to “16 for 2016: February

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  2. Look after yourself Sandra. Perhaps a week in the Aran Islands would help if it was possible. I’m going to internet free country for a week so will possibly miss the next photo challenge

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    • I think you might be right there Denis! I am determined to get there one day, it looks so beautiful doesn’t, with huge skies. And i would truly love to help Melissa in her garden and then sit down for a good old natter over a cuppa. Enjoy your techno-break, i look forward to seeing some photos on your return. 😉


  3. Love the hats, what a great idea! hope you are feeling better.x

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  4. I am sorry that you have been so poorly, Daffy. I do hope March is a much better month for you xx

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  5. Good to read about your progress – and excellent progress considering you have been under par. Good to have a photo of some of the hats in action too! I was just about to recommend some books but realise for your challenge it needs to be a novel – I will have a think…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your encouraging support Cathy.
      I didn’t manage to get a very good picture of all the children in their hats – we tried, my son remarked that it was a bit like trying to herd cats! I did get one of them all sitting together on a sofa though and they were mostly smiling! Ha! Ha!
      I look forward to hearing about your novel of choice. Xx


  6. Hoping you feel better very soon. Love the bobbing hats, and the silver birch is so pretty. Plenty of time for all the other stuff, just get well. Have you ever read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier?

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  7. Hope you are feeling brighter now. Those bobble hats were bobbing along , I’ll bet. Lovely!

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  8. I hope you feel well again soon, there seems to have been an awful lot of bugs around this winter. I had to laugh at your bobble hat shot though, its absolutely lovely and brings back some fond memories of when my children were young.

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