solid underfoot

top class ascent to darkness

into the unknown

Our 52 Week Photo Challenge prompt this week is SOLID

The photo was taken on my trip to Japan in November. Oh how I loved those gardens, so calming and perfectly pruned. The rocks – solidity! And the bushes clipped to make the bushes look like a solid form.


Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt words are: CLASS and FIRM

the two sentences work like this:

solid underfoot, top class ascent to darkness

top class ascent to darkness, into the unknown

As I understand it Japanese gardens are full of symbolism and often depict aspects of a journey through life. This path could represent a journey to ‘heaven’ or the end of this life ready to be reincarnated into the next.

I have made an attempt at the two opposing concepts of something being known, solid or firm  and then in the second sentence,’ unknown’, no longer solid and known. Do you think it works?


Next week’s Photo Challenge Prompt is OUTLINE

33 responses to “SOLID

  1. Love the photo and the hint of a coming journey into the mystery of life. 🙂

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  3. I love your poem and your picture of the footpath is just beautiful and inviting. Also, I gave a try at your photo challenge which is also a part of a haiku challenge and here is the link if you would like to take a look:

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  4. Just beautiful and so inviting. If told to picture shrubs and steps one would hardly visualize such curves, yet there they are. All looks well cared for. Perfectly solid. And yes, your opposites work as I read it.

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    • I hadn’t thought of it like that Melissa. It really is the curves on the rocks echoed in the curves of the shrubs that give such a pleasing serene scene. I am glad I got the opposing thoughts in this week. I wonder what Ron gas in store for us tomorrow.


  5. I dithered for days with mine but finished up with my original thoughts which you can see at

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  7. Those steps in Japan are so beautiful and as you point out the clipped hedges enhance the scene. I have found a good solid garden wall. Take a look at

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  9. Worth all the effort Sandra! Works well. 💚💜💛❤️💙

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  10. Great combination Sandra. Wonderful memory of Japan also.

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  11. It absolutely works! The photograph is gorgeous, so serene. And although we may not know where it leads, we can be sure it is lovely.


  12. It surely works!
    Really liked the way you have got opposing concepts in the Haiku with an awesome picture to go with it. It just matches perfectly 🙂

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  13. A path that looks like it have been there for a long time, and will survive through the ages. Very solid.

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  14. Yes – a definite contrast, and from the light to the dark too, according to your photo. Those clipped bushes look amazingly solid, don’t they?

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    • Thank you Cathy, I like to give it a go, to get the elements in. I find the opposing ideas the trickiest, glad you think I managed it.
      Japanese gardens are micro-managed to get the look, with someone in there clipping and sweeping most of the time, and yet it looks so natural.


  15. Those slabs cerainly look solid. Great photograph and choice.

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  16. Fantastic footpath and super interpretation of solid.

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  17. Great haiku Daffy, who knows where they will lead?! 🙂

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