Duck Tape wallet

Today is a Homeschooling day with Miss E. I really look forward to Wednesdays!

Miss E always arrives brim full of ideas of what she would like to do and last week she wanted to make a card wallet for her Mum for Mother’s Day.image

The local newspaper have been offering vouchers to collect for annual family tickets for the Weymouth Sea Life Centre. Each member of the family have been issued with a card and Miss E wanted to make a special wallet to keep the 5 cards in.

we used some of the advertising cards that have been sent to me to make sure we had the size just right.

There are always frustrating moments in the making process, and it was hard for Miss E to keep the tape from wrinkling. I have found a useful little mantra to keep frustration at bay

it is not wrong, it is just not yet finished


So we stuck a fish shape over the wrinkles, and Miss E realised that mistakes can lead to improvements. We added a length of black elastic recycled from some packaging to wrap round it, a couple of stitches to make it the right size, and Miss E put a little strip of Duck Tape to cover the stitches. Ta dah!



23 responses to “Duck Tape wallet

  1. Wha? Printed duck tape?! Thanks for the intro kiddos would seriously love a project like this. You two are a clever duo. Keep sharing your creations please 🙂 🙂

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    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Your family will adore it! Miss E wants to make a tool belt with it next. Master R made a wallet like this too, he is 6 and did most of it on his own. I get my new computer tomorrow! Once that is fully operational I will be back to being able to share more projects. Very exciting!


  2. I’m going to add that saying to my favorite: “It’s not a mistake, it’s a design element.”

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  3. Adding the fish was an inspired touch!

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  4. ‘It’s not wrong, it’s just not yet finished.’ Where has this phrase been all my life? So many frustrated tears and torn up projects!

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  5. I had my first home schooling day with Miss A my granddaughter last Friday. I understand why you look forward to it, such fun! will look into Duck Tape.

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  6. Duct tape goes a long way!

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  7. Mistakes lead to individuality! Clever girl.

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  8. Love a bit of duct tape!!

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