Vase on Monday:Laurel


What a glorious weekend we have just had, just right to be out in the garden.

The laurel trimmed back from my driveway has flowers that smell so good I kept some for a vase, along with some trimmings of the amalanchier. The vase is surrounded by more logs found in the woodstore with holes the right size for candles.

Houseplant of the week is the Prayer Plant, so called as its leaves fold up at night as if in prayer. They are a similar shape to the laurel, so I thought they went together rather well, until I remembered that it needs good light otherwise its leaves turn brown. So things were rearranged.

imageThe little green hand-painted flower pot was given to me by Master R. I must get something growing in it soon.

Joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday at Rambling in the Garden, a wonderful weekly international garden party.

14 responses to “Vase on Monday:Laurel

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  2. The glossy dark green leaves look so great with all the unique wooden candle holders, and the wispier little branches, Sandra. I love evergreens, and the fragrance would be a big plus.

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  3. And I was drawn firstly to the log candle holders – excellent idea, and a vase could be made in a similar way, either with an insert or a liner of some sort…hmmm… Thanks for the inspiration! And the laurel looks so elegant with the amelanchier trimmings doesn’t it?

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  4. I love when I can work in the garden and get a vase out of it….no work yet here as it is rainy and going to get cold again.

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  5. What do you mean harks back, you are still WILD Daffodil!

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  6. Your salvaged tree-log candleholders are wonderful! The flowering laurel says spring to me. My own laurel is just coming into bloom and I hope to get some stems for a future vase – if I can reach the flowering tips, that is.

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  7. Love your arrangement, but my eyes are drawn to the female figurine with the tree. I wondered what the story behind her is?

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    • Thank you Cathy. She harks back to my hippy-dippy Glastonbury days. She is a little representation of the goddess of the earth. I have had her for about 25 years and love having her around, they probably still sell them in Glastonbury.

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