Creating Pages

Eager to continue making more textile books I stopped off to buy lining wallpaper on the way home from Margate and started making some more paper pages even before I unpacked the car. The creative force was far too strong to resist.


The colours and the random shapes made make my heart sing ….


and following Frances Pickering‘s method the process is quick, simple and serendipitous!paper3

providing a background for adding doodles, text and photographspaper4

and then I had an idea to use strips of torn paper to act as a resist to the dye and add to the patterns


and am excited by the results


the last one thrills me to bits, I’m going to see if I can recreate this effect again today.

Now I’m thinking I can use this colour-washed paper for greetings cards and homemade postcards for the Post Card swap.

Going into mass production!


19 responses to “Creating Pages

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  2. Some fascinating blue to green Sandra. When we went to the Grampians two weeks ago my wife Jill was at a textiles workshop event. She was exploring paper textiles. Do you know about Shifu?

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    • You always let me know about such interesting things Denis! I don’t know about Shifu. I looked it up and it seems to be making yarn out of paper and thread – is that what your wife was doing? Sounds fascinating – I’m itching to know what she did on her course now!


  3. There is something reminiscent of Easter egg dying in the colours and designs here. Beautiful they all are Sandra.

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  4. Now you’ve got me thinking of joining in the swap. 🙂

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  5. Lovely design pages – congratulations!

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  6. The colors and the dimension on these pages are beautiful.

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  7. These are lovely, but what are you putting on them. The pink in the turquoise is delicious! Nice enough to eat!

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    • I feel the same Cathy – mmmm delicious!
      I hope to be able to describe what I use to create the pages, but am mindful that I don’t want to give away too much of Frances’s method as making the books and giving workshops is her livelihood. I have emailed her to see how much she is happy for me to share. She has written two absolutely fabulous books on her work – chock full of glorious illustrations. I will put links to them in my next post, or if you click on her name it will take you to her website from which she sells the books.


  8. I love the patterns and the mix of colours you have created, Daffy. 🙂

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