a shiver of glee

so much warmth in the welcome

a new type of friend


Our Photo Challenge Prompt: FRIENDS

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge Prompts: FRIEND and SHIVER

Ron has such a  generous spirit, he supports and promotes writers of every genre and he is encouraging his readers to go for the Photo/Haiku Challenge Combo – Hurray!!! THANK YOU Ron! He has recently published his co-written novel, Amber Wake, pop on over to his blog and check it out – he has masses of wonderful tips on writing a blog and every sort of writing imaginable.


The photo: I was away last week on a Textile Course, which as luck would have it, was just a few miles from where Judy Martin of Edwina’s Episodes lives. Judy, or Eddie as I call her, and I have been communicating via our blogs for ages now and have built up a lovely friendship – well you can’t help it with Eddie, she is such a down-to-earth friendly funny kinda gal. So I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to meet up.

Not only did we meet up but we had the most wonderful evening of fun and laughter and an absolutely DELICIOUS meal made by none other than Mr Grump himself! (I shouldn’t really blow his cover but Mr Grump did not live up to his nickname at all – what a friendly, warm and welcoming couple they are!) Both Judy and I discovered that we were exactly as we thought we would be, which meant we felt we knew each other already and conversation flowed as we chatted about blogging, and all manner of other things as well.

This is the second time I have met up with a fellow blogger and I can highly recommend it. The first was a lovely summery meeting with Mrs Snail when we both turned up in bright pink, and now I see Eddie and I were both wearing similar tops – spooky!

And still on the subject of friends, I am giving Judy’s newly published book of poems to my walking friend for her birthday today


With a card made from the paper I’ve been decorating (another handmade card for my 16 for 16 list ✅).

Here is the back of the card


and inside is below – I’m loving creating this paper! I love it so much I have photographed some of the pages I like the best and put them in my Etsy shop as PDF instant downloads so that others can enjoy them and use them for their own craft projects, thus adding two more items to the shop out of my target of 14 this year ✅ – I’m ticking lots of boxes in this post!


The book and card are wrapped in newspaper brought back for me by another friend from her recent trip to Mexico.

And to all my wonderful blogging friends – Happy Tuesday!

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is SECRET



32 responses to “Friends

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  2. I have only just seen this Daffy, as have been trying to catch up, What a lovely haiku and thank you so much for your kind words. It was a lovely evening and am thrilled that the very first blogger I met in person was you! I t has just reinforced my belief at how wonderful bloggers are!

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  4. Hi Sandra, thanks for reminding me, my mind is still elsewhere, here is the link for Friends


  5. Late in the week, but here is mine Sandra:
    Thanks for hosting

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  8. Awww… This is so nice ❤ Heartwarming!

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  9. What a sweet response to this challenge, and I love that you call Judy “Eddie”. That little statement made me smile. Lovely picture, lovely sentiment, I’m off now to check out your Etsy page….

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  10. Is Ronovan going to make it easier for us by relating his prompt to yours then, or is it just a one-off I wonder?! Will knuckle down to it in a day or two – but in the meantime thank you for sharing yours and your joy in blogging friendships. How exciting it is to meet up with someone you have built up an online friendship with – certainly to be recommended! I trust you enjoyed the textile course as well…

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    • I shouldn’t think Ronovan will link the challenges every week, but it is so good of him to put us ‘on the map’ so to speak. Making friendships through blogging is an unexpected and quite wonderful bonus.
      The Textile Course was really very inspiring and I just want to be creating more and more pages and books – however there is so much to catch up with in the house – and the garden of course!

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  11. I totally recognized Judy before I read 🙂 This post completely warms my heart….so much loving friend energy oozing from it!

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  12. Lovely photo & great remembrance of a good time with a friend!
    Visited your etsy shop and enjoyed looking around. Good luck! 🍀

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  13. A new type of friend? Not sure what you were thinking at first. Your meet up sounded fun. 💚❤️💜💛💙

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  14. Aw this is lovely. Really warmed my heart 🙂

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  15. What a treat to meet an online friend in person!

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  16. What a lovely happy picture of two friends having a wonderful time. Love the card. Still haven’t figured out how you are making the paper.

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  17. A wonderful story behind the haiku Sandra.

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