End of Month View



still not much to show in the way of change

A view in the opposite direction looking West.


However, knowing that I was going to be posting this photo has spurred me on to get some help. So my knight on a white charger is arriving at 10am this morning to talk about levelling the ground where the caravan will go, moving the caravan and removing the lace-cap hydrangea you can see on the right hand side, all pruned back ready to be lifted.

Fingers crossed – hopefully in a month’s time there will be something more interesting to share.

Inspired by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden – go see her beautiful garden if you need a better garden fix!

10 responses to “End of Month View

  1. Really nice to see the canvas and to be able to watch it fill/grow in. Nice camper van there too! And the fence is also wonderful…looks like you have some nice elements to plan around and work with.

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  2. I love to see garden progress as an escape from our ‘garden’, which is basically just a free range chicken run/cricket pitch and bears all the consequent scars!

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  3. Oh, progress is happening! And I’m with Cathy, a knight on white charger sounds wonderful. (My own knight on white charger has been waylaid with big blue cast, but that’s a whole different story….) Waiting for your next update!

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  4. A knight on a white charger, how wonderful! Good luck with the garden move around!

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