Japan 3:3 Arimatsu

Continuing with the Textile Tour…..

Whilst our tie dye was drying we had time to wander around the very quiet streets in the bright sunshine

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

I was particularly intrigued by the Rain Chains used instead of drainpipes, which were not pipes at all, but delicate water sculptures of metal tulip shapes. And what about this little chap guarding the house…. a pug with horns.n9c

12 responses to “Japan 3:3 Arimatsu

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  2. I love this kind of architectural detail

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    • Me too Cathy, if I had been there on my own I would probably have spent hours drawing the little details of tiles and roof decorations, but photos are a very good reminder and I expect some of the designs will appear in my doodling at some stage.

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  3. The water trickling down the chains sounds absolutely lovely when it rains! If you can track down a set at an affordable price, they’d be a lovely feature in your garden.

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  4. Some wonderful and interesting buildings there, Daffy 🙂

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  5. A great set of images Sandra sharing typical quiet side of town images. Those rain chains are a design used back to medieval times in Japan. They drain the water straight into the garden because except for typhoon times the rain is steady and light.

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