Textile Book 2

As mentioned in my 16 for 2016, my goal is to make 9 pieces of textile art. One for each of my grandchildren and one for me.

I went on a wonderful course with Frances Pickering on making textile books and made a start on a book for Miss E.

The next one will be for Big Sister (5). I started by experimenting with dyeing some threads


I wrapped Anchor Stranded Thread around some paper and ran it under the tap to wet it. Then I had fun dabbing on different coloured dyes.


It seemed to work pretty well so I wound a lot more on the next piece of paper.DSC_0989

Next was white DMC embroidery cotton


and then they all went on the fire guard to dry.


Don’t you just love how the colours all merge and blend


A few hours playing with fabric and colour makes for one happy me!


And look at the great marks made on the paper


all good collage material.

Big Sister is about to be a bridesmaid so this piece of fabric is perfect for her book. The thread made a good outline of running stitches.


I wondered about putting the picture on the front cover…..


but that broderie anglaise is so beautiful, something more subtle needs to go with it I think, so the fairy bride will go on the first page of the book.


A few hours of glorious play ……. now the sun is shining so I must get out into the garden.


23 responses to “Textile Book 2

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  2. I love the books that you are doing Daffy, and the amount of thought and effort that you put into it. This is going to be gorgeous when it is done 🙂


  3. I really like this idea for dyeing small amounts of yarn or floss.

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  4. What wonderful & creative fun!
    Have a query: What brand(s) of dyes did you use?
    Thank you so much for sharing this. xx

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  5. Ooooooh I need all the baby things in that beautiful pink broderie anglaise!

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    • Gorgeous isn’t it. There are so many wonderful fabric shops in Tokyo, I wonder if you could get some online. We went to the ‘Tomato’ shops which had about 7 floors stuffed with fabric.
      The piece I am using was taken from a summer dress that my granddaughter (Miss E, now 8) had when she was about 2.

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      • Awww that makes it all the more special!

        You’d think Japan, famous for technology, would have a huge online shopping scene. But nope, options are super limited. And believe it or not, Internet banking isn’t even a standard service. I actually have to use ATMs for everything, and it stamps my transactions in a bank book! 😫 I bet you experienced all the cash only stores too. Never mind, all the best stores are the little nan and pop businesses hidden away in all the backstreets, shelves piled high with goodies.

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        • Crumbs Wren! You have so many surprising things to tell me about Japan! I’m amazed to hear about the lack of easy online shopping and banking. I do nearly all my shopping online here. Can you get any fabric sent over from Australia?! Seems bonkers but …….
          Or maybe you have good fabric shops near you.
          Keep well ❤

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          • Well now I just sound difficult, but you know what else is rare in Japan? 😂 Visa debit cards… So you have to get a credit card. And as a foreigner? It’s hit and miss. So I have to transfer money to my Australian account to use my Aussie cards, and then buy from an online company and between shipping and conversion fees it’s laughable and really takes forever.

            I have a few little local stores I visit. 🤗

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            • Weird huh! As you say – a land so full of technology ….. Let me know if you find any broderie anglais… perhaps one of your local stores could get some for you, if they don’t already have some in stock.

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  6. Love it. Completely agree about the cover, it’s so pretty, but love the bride.

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