Vase on Monday: Hyacinths


My local garden centre was selling off hyacinths relatively cheaply so in the front border they go. I cut off the flowers to help them concentrate on settling in and there was my ‘Vase’.

I love this time of year when the border is so full of promise – the aquilegias, love-in-the-mist, iris, lychnis, monbretia, wild strawberries are all leafing up nicely and the forget-me-knots and primroses, hellebores and pulmonaria are in flower.

The blooms are in a pottery Japanese tea cup, which I have used before. No sooner had I placed the vase to take the photograph than a bee was investigating.


The sun is shining! Hurray!

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25 responses to “Vase on Monday: Hyacinths

  1. A great idea to display them like that for your photo – love the vase you have used too. 🙂


  2. You have a really beautiful garden, Daffy. 🙂


  3. One of my favorite scents! I always buy hyacinths after Easter to pop into the garden. Sadly, the bunnies like them a lot too, so their blooms are always stunted.


  4. I was surprised that both of my Hyacinths came back this year, so I hope yours will too. They are so pretty, I haven’t seen them in burgundy much. What an interesting shape of a vase! Your Forget-Me-Nots look just like mine!

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  5. What a good idea to use your ‘spare’ flowers today. I used to be reluctant to plant hyacinths in my borders but I have completely changed my view in recent years. I have them planted in great drifts amongst the daffodils and the scent as I walk around the garden is lovely – not over powering like it can be inside – just a delicious waft of spring. I hope your bulbs settle in well.

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    • Oh Wow! I love the sound of your ‘great drifts’ amongst the daffodils, that’s something for me to aim for, I can almost smell them myself from your wonderful description – mmmmmmm! I’ll give them your good wishes Julie 😉


  6. Lovely flowers & garden – thank you!

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  7. I agree with the bee – those hyacinths are very attractive!

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  8. The hyacinth colors are so rich. Gorgeous. And your border is looking great too.

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  9. Excellent that the sun is shining…it will be shining here for several days, they say, midweek with warm temps. Like the bee I would be all over those hyacinths…I adore them!

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  10. Mmm to the gorgeous purple one especially – I love this colour! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the fragrance!

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  11. Your hyacinths are lovely. I have one very sad looking specimen in flower. I blame the wet, and warmer than normal, winter. However, the sun is shining and there’s lots of promise showing around the garden so definitely plenty to shout ‘hurrah’ about 🙂

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    • Yes, Elizabeth, a weird winter for sure. A lot of my hyacinth flowers have been eaten by slugs – I have to admit I HATE slugs! and I don’t hate much. I’m hoping the ones just planted will keep their vibrant colours when they return next year. It is a great time of year tho’ isn’t it – Hurrah!!


  12. Lovely and they will make the house smell delicious!

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