Japan 3:4 Narumi, patterns everywhere





No idea what this sign says but by now my eye was tuned into shapes and design and everything looked interesting and inspirational for design



It was on Day 3 that I really began to notice the drain covers

d1 d3

I was falling in love with Japan .. and every detail

seemed to have a beauty, to be interesting…

crazy patchwork came to mind……


layouts for abstract design in collage or paintingDSC_0197

even the air conditioning vents were….

DSC_0176 DSC_0177 f1

fascinating …….. all great for doodles, and textile designs ………..

Mad tourist!

I know I’m not alone in taking pictures of the strangest things, but maybe I was going it bit far with these!

Have you taken any strange photos recently?

You can see links to my other posts about my Textile Tour of Japan in this post.


11 responses to “Japan 3:4 Narumi, patterns everywhere

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  2. Great images Sandra, my wife looks for this aspect of Japan too, must be the textile creativity guiding the camera

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  3. In case you’re curious, the sign says ‘Yamanaka Dental Hospital’. 😂 And you’re right about all the little details, Japan is so beautiful when you take the time to look closely. Did you notice that every town or prefecture has their own manhole covers? Very curious…

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    • Thank you so much Wren, I love having the translation! Not very romantic perhaps, ha! but still makes for great patterns!!!!!
      I loved spotting the manhole covers and did see some that referenced the prefecture, often in English lettering, which I found curious. Google images has a huge array of patterns – a life time’s work to collect them all, i was told someone has published a book of them.The quilters in our group thought they would make great quilt designs – i agree.

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  4. Lovely pictures, don’t see what is strange about any of these! Wonder how all those patterns will inspire you creatively.

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  5. Great pics! A perfect example of how what is ordinary and mundane in one place can be unusual and interesting in another 🙂

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