Cards, Kits and Abstract Designs

I am still loving playing around with colouring the paper using Frances Pickering’s method, which can be found in her book ‘Under the Cover’.

DSC_1015 (1)


and thought these might make a cheeky entry into the Daily Post ‘Abstract’ challenge.



I do love the way the colours blend and am wondering about framing some of them.

They are perfect for making birthday cards and this one went to Big Sister (6) to go with her letter ‘A’

She really liked it and asked me lots of questions about how I had made it. She wanted to make a card like it, but as I did not have all the necessary ingredients with me I said I would send her some of the paper and cut-outs to make some cards of her own – here is the little kit I put together for her.

3 folded cards and some bits and pieces to stick on them.


I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes.




11 responses to “Cards, Kits and Abstract Designs

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  2. I am sure she will be delighted – what a great relatioship you have ☺

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    • Thank you Cathy. It is a constant source of joy getting to know each of my grandchildren and building a relationship with them. I’m very lucky to have them all in easy reach.


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  4. What a thoughtful gift!

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  5. Agreed, nanacathy2!
    Love your impressionistic colour “washes.”

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  7. What a wonderful little kit, you could be onto a real winner!

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    • Do you think so Cathy? Whilst I was putting it together I wondered if it might be something people might like to buy. I think I will try the kits out as presents for a while and see how they go down. Thank you for your encouraging comment.


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