End of Month View: April

At last the caravan has been moved!!!

DSC_0988From hereDSC_0995


To here – you can see the patch of dead grass where the caravan used to be and the frame of the roof of the fruit cage put in the position where it is to go (that is the frame of the cage door on the grass) DSC_1036 (1)– but first, digging over the ground….

DSC_0988 (1)

My lovely son turned up one cold windy morning at 8.15 to do a bit of digging for me; and the advantage of having a farmer for a son-in-law is that I have a huge pile of muck


to spread over the ground

and round the fruit trees, loganberry


blueberry bush and 2 thornless blackberries.

Joining in with Cathy and others in the EOMV on The Patient Gardener.

This is my fourth garden post out of 12 for ‘16 for 2016‘.


17 responses to “End of Month View: April

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  3. Helen Johnstone

    What satisfying progress and isn’t it good to have sons and son in laws to help us with digging!


  4. I have bad couch grass ~ I think I need to borrow your caravan!

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  5. Looking good bit by bit. 😀

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  6. Hurrah indeed – can you send him over here to France afterwards? And goodness, do I envy you that lovely horse manure!

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  7. Hurrah for the caravan being moved! I suppose it moved all by itself…

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    • Ha ha! It took two attempts! First my son drove his truck in and after some nifty maneuvering, hitched it on just to move the wheels out of their positions and to get the wheels moving after being stationary for 5 years. Then we had to wait for a day when another strong person could come and help us push it into the right position. Miss E was there with the spirit-level giving the ‘up-a-bit, down-a-bit’ instructions from inside Pippin as we levelled her using the adjustable legs. Now she needs painting green – Pippin that is!
      How did the wedding go?? I hope the sun shone for you – I expect you, your daughter and your flowers all shone with beauty whatever the weather – looking forward to hearing more on your blog. ❤


  8. Hurrah for sons and their digging skills!

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    • Hurrah indeed!!! He can do in a hour, a patch that would take me all day. I even went out and did some weeding with him as gardening together is one of my very favourite pastimes. So glad things have warmed up a bit now.


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