mar2010 006

mossy layers invite

tiny dragons to lay eggs

deep in our psyche


A response to Our Photo Challenge prompt: LAYER

And Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge prompts: DRAGON and INVITE

With Miss E as a guest prompter this week – so exciting!

It has been wonderful for me to read all the intriguing haiku that have been created around these words – Miss E will be so thrilled and encouraged – can’t wait til tomorrow when we can read them all together.

A huge thank you to Ronovan for giving her this marvellous opportunity and experience.

The Haiku

mossy layers invite tiny dragons to lay eggs

tiny dragons to lay eggs deep in our psyche

I am a Scorpio Dragon myself – there is a fascinating post by ‘Work in Progress’ if you are interested in this sort of thing.

A bit stuck this week, I went through my photos and found this photo of a wall in Gloucestershire I took in 2010 and then it all came together.

To join in just leave a link to your LAYER photo in the comments on Cathy’s Post, or here, and I will include it in the round up on Sunday.

Next Week’s Photo Prompt



28 responses to “Layer

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  3. Thank you and Miss E for the prompts – as you can see mine did not want to be contained as a haiku this week!

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  5. And I’m a Scorpio! I love your stone wall, and the imaginative haiku to accompany. Good for Miss E coming up with this week’s prompt.

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  6. I just love old stone walls. Lovely photo.

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  7. Love this week’s prompt words. Miss E should be the prompter at least once a month. 😉 Loved the haiku and the layered wall is so pretty. 😀 xx

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  8. This works for me on so many levels and the mossy wall is magical.

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  9. Beautiful image!

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  10. And congratulations to Ms E, hoping we will see her poem in your blog?

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    • You certainly will Denis, thank you for your interest and encouragement. I will wait until she is here for her home-schooling day, so that she can help me write the post that will include her poem.
      I do so love the positive interactions in blogland – all of us supporting each other’s creativity – it’s a wonderful experience. ❤

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  11. A very interesting haiku Sandra, lots of interpretations in the poetry. And a very Japanese photo. Here is my LAYER link, and I also sent it to your email

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    • You have no idea how happy your comment makes me feel – I was pleased with the haiku (in the end) as I did think there could be very personal and individual responses to its meaning – so happy that the two challenges go together with a feel of Japan. 😀
      Thank you for your link – so great to see another purple heart post!!!!


  12. Looks like if you moved up closer it would do for next week too!

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  13. Beautiful haiku WD! And nice combination of the two prompts. I imagine the tiny dragons are our muses, mythical beings that only we can make real 🙂

    Looking forward to what Miss E will come up with, if she decides to respond to her own prompt 🙂

    I reckon going to school and telling your friends that dozens of people around the world wrote poems with your words would be pretty cool!

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    • Thank you 10000hl! And thank you for the ‘follow’ – great to have you on board.
      I really like your interpretation of the haiku – I definitely had that kind of thought in mind.
      Miss E has a poem at the ready! It will be interesting to see if she tells her friends about it, she is Home Schooled, so it will be her gym club friends and other Home Edders she is most likely to tell.

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  14. Being a Scorpio dragon myself I loved this one! Well done both of you.

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