ideas like lightning

strike me by surprise, and when

it rains it pours


Joining in with our weekly Photo Challenge: FERN

One of my granddaughters has Fern as her second name and I have been trying to crochet some fern fronds to decorate a birthday card for her. I’m also wondering about using them for appliqué on a knitted jacket.

Here are my trial runs:


Not quite there yet. I used Lucy’s pattern as a starting point, but wanted to include a curl at the top. Rainbow Jane has a lovely picture of this on her FERN photo challenge entry.

I’m thinking they would be even better made in fine crochet cotton, I hope I can find the right colour – the right shade of green can be tricky to find.

Ferns seem to be growing in with my orchids, spores must be in the orchid compost. I used one of the leaves to see what effect it would have on my dyed paper – subtle, but I like it.


More ferns in a doodled mandala I drew when I was learning from Alisa Burke’s Online Mandala Workshop. With my granddaughter’s second name in mind I drew this mandala for her, with fern fronds at the centre.


This frothy fern sits on a stand in my bedroom windowDSC_0987

I have no idea of its name but I love its delicate cascade.

Do you have any photos of ferns you would like to enter in our Photo Challenge this week? Just leave a link in the comments.

Also joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge with his prompt words of



Next Week’s Photo Prompt




27 responses to “Fern

  1. I love, love, LOVE this post. I think ferns are beautiful.

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  2. Sorry, not an asparagus fern…..should have looked it up first before, rather than after. Ooops.

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  3. Love your ferns, and the haiku. And your description of the creative void, helpful words for those of us who struggle. Might your bedroom fern be an asparagus fern?

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  5. Beautiful, all. 🌿 The doodled mandala is gorgeous. Nice work.

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  6. Lovely haiku. And so true. I’m in a dry spell right now, but I know when things hit, it will be with a dozen ideas at once.

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    • The ebb and flow of creativity – I’m so pleased to know others experience the same rush of ideas at times. The quiet times are what is known in Gestalt and ‘the creative void’, a necessary part of the process, like sitting on the river bank waiting for the water to rise just a little to carry you off again.

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  7. I like your haiku. I’ve had moments like that, so I can relate to your poem. I love the fern in the last picture. It looks so delicate and soft. I didn’t know ferns could look that way. You did a great job with the Mandala.

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    • Thank you for your comment Vashti – it’s great to know that others too experience these creative rushes. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming!
      That fern is so pretty – it was given to me by a friend, I have yet to discover its name.

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  8. So much gorgeousness going on here Sandra! The haiku is outstanding as it’s a hard trio to marry together this week. The entire post shows so many sides to your creativity. Well done!!

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  10. Great haiku linking the photos of “ferns”to the haiku challenge. Not an easy task this week!

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    • Thanks so much Denis. When I saw Ron’s words I did wonder HOW I was going to combine the two – but then, that happens nearly every week!!!
      This one caused a bit more head scratching than normal though. Glad you liked the haiku.


  11. Those crochet ferns are brilliant. Clever you

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  12. Fern from all, fern for all! A very nice haiku as well.. 🙂

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