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island man dreams of

magic, glimmer and glamour

we all need some of that


I have a ‘fairy godmother’, J*, who comes to help me in the house and garden when she can. She spent a sunny day spring-cleaning ‘Pippin’, the caravan, inside and out whilst I struggled with the instructions on erecting the fruit cage.

Pippin is now looking spick and span and happy in her new place in the garden and I’m at last inspired to make some cushions and curtains for her, which I will be sure to share with you at some stage. The Fruit Cage is nearly done, the diagrams on fitting the door with hinges and latch is making my brain ache, but I will feel a great sense of achievement when it is finished. I get such a kick out of demonstrating ‘The Power of One‘ if only to myself.


Easter Island Man stands by my front door to greet all who walk up my garden path. Sometime after J* had gone home I noticed where she had left her cleaning cloth to dry – she thought it suited him – I laughed! A touch of frivolity after a hard day’s work.

Inspired by J* and writing this post, I have given him a Beret.


Joining in with

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words this week: MAGIC and GLIMMER.

Island man dreams of magic, glimmer and glamour

Magic glimmer and glamour, we all need some of that



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge



 our 52 Week Photo Challenge, which has all the subjects set out for you in advance. Go on, be frivolous and add a link in the comments to your frivolous photo, past or present.

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is



41 responses to “Frivolous

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  2. I love this guy and what you did to him!

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  5. I just love how this word has such broad interpretation! And I love your garden art too!! Here’s my contribution for the week

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  7. Bison is what I have to offer you.
    That was a tough one Sandra

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  8. He looks so silly. I hope to get an idea but struggling this week

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  9. Had a giggle at this Sandra – thank you! Will try to join in this week but can’t promise…

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  10. You did really well with this one. Made us chuckle! 💚💛💜❤️💙

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  11. You have done a great job here Sandra capturing so much in the image and with the haiku. We had a prime minister who looked just like that statue.

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  12. Such wonderful photos for this week’s challenges. 😀

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  13. Easter Island man looks sharp in his new beret. Did his smile get bigger? It looks bigger in that second picture. 😉
    Good luck with the fruit cage!

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  14. Oh isn’t he fun! He wears his various hats very well indeed, and looks so dapper in the “frivolous” beret. I suspect he enjoys dressing up for various holidays. 😉 As always, perfect combination of haiku and photo. (And what a marvelous friend you have in J)

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    • What a great idea Jen – to dress him up at different times of the year – I like it – very frivolous!
      Little Miss M (3) often hugs him hello and kisses him goodbye, and has been known to give him some grass ‘hair’, now why didn’t I take a photo of that!
      And YES I am very lucky to have J* in my life.

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  15. Made me smile. Very frivolous!

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  16. Just love him! Pure fun. I need a lion in my garden.

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