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Last week Miss E and I went on the train to the Lymington Museum and Art Gallery where 22 Home Schooled children gathered to take part in the most wonderful workshop based on an exhibition of work by many different artists all creating pictures of trees.

The children were invited to leap into a painting and imagine themselves there – what could they hear, see, touch, smell. What would they need to take with them. how did they feel whilst they were there.


They then chose a painting to look at for 10 seconds then turn away and draw from memory, then a different painting to draw just the outlines for 5 minutes, then 5 minutes to use colour. After that we went to the craft room to create a printing block of their drawing in polystyrene, to print on coloured paper.

On the train I was allowing the movement of the train to create wiggly lines in my sketch book as a quirky diary/memory of our day.


Miss E noticed that the rain on the train windows made similar lines when travelling down the windows


which in turn were similar to the lines of the branches of the trees in one of the paintings


I just LOVE the way her creative mind flows.

Joining in with our 52 Week Photo Challenge, this week’s prompt CHECK


Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: REIN and QUEST.

I’m a little late this week as I have been away for a few days visiting my son and his three girls and then to Chelsea Flower Show with my sister! We had the BEST time – more of that soon. A highlight of the day was meeting up with fellow blogger Dorris – Wow! That was really special!


31 responses to “Check

  1. I love the idea of allowing the train to draw the wiggly lines as a memory of your day with Miss E. That is a very creative idea. It’s always so exciting to meet a fellow blogger. Loved your haiku too. 😀 xx

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  2. I has to be wonderful having a your creative mind around..watching the way she makes connections between the things in her surroundings. Wonderful!!!

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  3. You are too kind, the pleasure is all mine!

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  5. Managed to join in at
    ps and I missed reading the very end of your post before in which you said you met Dorris – how exciting indeed!

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    • Great! So glad you could join us Cathy.
      It was so lovely to meet up with Dorris, we did not have long to chat as she had just arrived and I was about to go but in our brief conversation she told me how thrilled she was to get the beautifully wrapped bundle of ferns from you. Isn’t it fantastic, all these growing connections – love it! ❤ 😀

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  7. You have excelled here Sandra, on all fronts. Very creative connections from you and Ms E

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  8. Miss E is a lucky girl to have you nurturing her creative skills – but then you are lucky being able to share her educational and creative jouneys too.

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    • Exactly right Cathy, it is definitely a two way process. I’m so glad to be able to give her (and my other grandchildren) as much of my time, love and attention as I can. I was fortunate to have a wonderfully enriching relationship with my maternal grandfather, I’m so grateful to be able to carry on that particular family tradition.

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  9. Such creativity! ❤

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  10. How clever of you to allow the pen and train to take control–the results are sublime! And how perceptive of Miss E to notice the similarities with the rain on the glass.

    I must tell you that this and your last photo challenge post have really made a large impression on me…so unique and diverse and clever and interesting to me.

    I am hopeful to capture a photo of one of the horse and pony passing my house (or elsewhere) for this weeks picture as the words check and rein work so well together…wish me luck in creating what I envision!

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  11. I love that you’ve used checks as the backdrop! And related the backdrop, the artwork, wrapping it all up with lovely Miss E’s observations in those last three photos.

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    • Thank you Jen, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the links. I had been seeing checks everywhere all week and looking for a suitable photo opportunity – It was a gift when I saw Miss E was working on a check cloth. 🙂

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  12. I have been watching the Chelsea flower show on television for the first time and have really enjoyed it. Must be wonderful to actually be there. We once went to the gardening show in Birmingham and loved it. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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    • It was a blissful day! I went about 30 years ago and thought I would never go again because of the crowds, but luckily my sister got tickets on Member’s Day and we got there at 8 in the morning so we missed the crush – looks heaving there today.


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