I’m itching to tell you all about my day at the Chelsea Flower Show – Oh what a blissful day!

BUT…… ever since I got home I’m newly inspired to be out in my garden, with not much time for putting a blog post together – so this is a bit rushed but I just had to get a snippet out to you.

My sister got the tickets on Members Day (Tuesday) and we got there at 7.45am, ready to be let through that gates at 8.

One of the first things we saw was Jo Swift being filmed doing interviews

He seemed to be doing them for most of the morning. (click on any photo to see them larger) Sadly my Nikon isn’t working so I only had a little pocket camera with me.

We did a quick whizz round the 17 show gardens before the crowds arrived, here are pictures of just two…


This one by Chris Beardshaw will be installed as a roof garden at Great Ormond Street Hospital as a soothing retreat for the parents of the children in the hospital.


Going to the show is such a special experience as you can appreciate all the intricate details that are everywhere you look, like this gorgeous screen of oak leaf cut-outs.


The one below was my personal favourite designed by Andy Sturgeon:



I just love the sculpture and how the colours blended together. When I have a quiet moment I must look up that orange spiky plant, there are plant lists on the show website.


and the garden was awarded Best in Show.

Have you been watching Chelsea on the TV? Did you have a favourite garden?

to be continued…… I must get back to the weeding….


21 responses to “Chelsea

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  2. I would love to have been there with you. Wonderful pictures. Unfortunate that the weeds are loving this weather as much as we isn’t it!?

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  3. How beautiful! I can see why you’d be inspired. My favorite is the leaf cut-out screen. If memory serves (and one never knows) my cousin used to participate in the Chelsea Flower Show.

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  4. It’s worth knowing that there are no queues first thing in the morning on the RHS day – wouldn’t fancy the 30,000 crowds!

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    • The crowds did build up later and there was an immediate queue to get on the train in the Pavilion, but we weren’t desperate to see that as you could see the gardens either side of the train perfectly well. The best thing was looking into the peep holes in the stone cube – only one other person there, we looked through all the view holes going back and fore, when we passed it at about 4.30pm there was a queue of about 50 people waiting to see it. Definitely worth going early.

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  5. Loved that screen with the oak leaves, and wouldn’t have seen it unless I’d read your post. Thanks!

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  6. You are so lucky! I long to ‘do’ Chelsea and follow avidly every year on tv. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to the next instalment.

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    • Incredibly lucky Deborah!!! 😀
      If you go, plan to get there at 8am, and if possible go on Members Day. If it will be a once-in-a-lifetime visit become an RHS Member it will be worth it.
      We managed to see everything we wanted to with no queues – rare! 😉


  7. Lovely pictures thanks for sharing your day. But now can’t wait to see what you have been inspired to create!

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    • Thank you Cathy. I’ve really been inspired to weed! My planting ‘schemes’ (far too grand a word for what I do!) are SO Chelsea, so I need to weed around them to show them off. My method, if you can call it that, is to sprinkle loads of seeds from flowers I like and see which come up – then just pull out some here and there to create the look I want. I hope to show some pics in the EOMV (End of Month View) garden post. I’ve been doing this for years in various consecutive gardens, but now it seems to be fashionable – Ha! ahead of my time!!!


  8. Lovely to see a few Chelsea gardens. I follow A21, an anti sex traffic organisation. I think that they presented a garden in this show and won an award. Perhaps you saw it?

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