In a Vase at Chelsea


What a strikingly colourful display in the Grand Pavilion! See those vases?

I wish I’d looked more closely at this stall now but I was on the hunt for alliums to add to the few I have in my garden and spotted a spectacular display by the Dutch specialist, Warmenhoven.


The tall white at the back is called Mount Everest. The whole stall was full of alliums and amaryllis


I liked the look of the pink allium – Twinkling StarsDSCF8670

and this shorter white


for a large more open head – Purple Rain


and for some height Ambassador


for a bit of quirky pzazz, how about these (not easy to photograph against all the others)


but if I buy one of these alien looking creatures I think it would have to be this one called Art


They look so silly – a bad hair day for Alli -they’d be great for a future Vase on Monday.

Joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden


Cee’s Flower of the Day

and my IAVOM : aguilegias, plantain, sweet cicely and that stripy grass I don’t know the name of.

The vase is a jam jar dipped in the same paint I painted the walls with. Colour = Quilted Calico4


It is Aquilegia time in my garden, no named varieties just scattered seeds from previous years. Always a wonderful surprise mix of colours. I’m on the look out for a bright pink and a pure white to liven up the palette.


48 responses to “In a Vase at Chelsea

  1. A lovely spring vase, and thanks for sharing some images of Chelsea. Those Alliums are all amazing!

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  2. Those alliums hardly look real, simply incredible. Your aquilegia are quite special…I had no idea they came in so many colours. Did you grow them all from seed? I have purple, and have also seen light pink. Mine doubled in size from last year to this, though this has been an exceptional year for growth so far. 🙂

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    • All the aquilegias are self seeded – I just mark the ones I’d like to see more of and walk round the garden waving seed heads about and they pop up anywhere and everywhere. I have been known to pinch seed heads from other gardens too! If you would like some seeds from the pink ones I’d be happy to send you some.


  3. The Grand Pavilion, ahhh, those Alliums, spectacular!

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    • Weren’t they! Are you tempted to buy any Dorris?

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      • I have Purple Sensation, Allium sphaerocephalon and Nectaroscordum siculum in the garden and couldn’t be without those. I have grown others in my last garden but these are my faves. Did you put an order in?

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        • Snap! I have the exact same 3 – I think mine came in a pack from last year.
          I like Allium sphaerocephalon when in flower but it doesn’t die very beautifully and I’m not too sure about Nectaroscordum siculum, I’ll see how it progresses, it just looks a bit dull at the moment, or maybe it is not in the right place.
          I am going to order the pink Twinkling Stars, Mount Everest (after Cathy saying hers have grown taller than her!) and Art or Passion, or both, just because they are so weird!


  4. Those allium displays are wonderful! We have lost a few since last year so will be stocking up again for next year but I don’t think it will be with the ‘alien’ forms. Your jar of aquilegias is beautiful – fresh as country. It’s a jug of aquilegias for me too this week. I have a couple of all white plants – I could save some seed for you but given their tendency to cross fertilise there’s no guarantee the offspring will be white. Let me know if you would like to take the risk nevertheless.

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    • That is so kind of you Elizabeth – thank you – YES PLEASE!!! I would love to try some of your seeds.
      I love your colourful vase and tried to leave a comment, but Blogger and WordPress don’t seem to like each other! no cross pollination there!


  5. Aquilegias are so pretty and cottage garden in style, and I love them dearly and your vase rivals anything at Chelsea because it is ‘real’
    I have some deep purple Aquilegias this year that I’ve not seen before so will be carefully harvesting seed in the hopes they will come true again.

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  6. How lucky you are to attend the Chelsea Flower Show! I dream of doing so one day. We don’t have anything remotely close to it in Southern California, even though there was a brief attempt to launch what was called “Chelsea West” here in the 1990s. Your vase is delightful. I love those loose, meadow-y creations, although I seldom achieve that effect myself. (SoCal doesn’t offer much in the way of meadows either!)

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  7. Braving the crowds is no longer an option for me, but I do miss the visits. Thank you for giving me a taste of the atmosphere.
    Looks like you got immersed in these fluffy globes.
    I have to confess that I totally overlooked the fact that it was Chelsea week, as this is the best time for my own garden. And no crowds 🙂
    I don’t seem to have eyes enough for all the shrubs that are in flower this week. I’m doing about six miles a day walking round and round the paths/ All this beauty is so ephemeral that I feel I mustn’t miss a moment.
    Your vase looks like an aquarel

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    • It is so good to hear how much you enjoy your garden. I wander round my garden each morning with my first cuppa to see what’s been happening, such a fascinating time of year. I know what you mean about not missing a moment.
      Thank you for your lovely comment – ‘an aquarel’ – so poetic, thank you.


  8. Like a meadow in a vase!

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  9. I wonder how many of the allium were snapped in the process f transit and display…! I have lost a few this year from snapping, not quite sure how. My Allium Everest is taller than me this year (not that I am of any great height) 😉 Love the aquilegia inthe vase – and what a great idea for the jar! Thanks for sharing – Chelsea coverage and vase

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  10. I’m guilty of ‘Chelsea weariness’ – but I have to say your alliums made me wish I’d been there to stand in front of them myself. Thanks for letting me take a look! As for the vase – so pretty … and your vase so creative. I’m always bemoaning the fact that container colours are so awful here in France. I must lack the right genes – because I never, ever thought of painting a well-shaped jam jar! Is your stripey grass gardener’s garters (Glyceria maxima variegata)?

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    • ‘Chelsea weariness’ sounds like a terrible disease to have!!!!! Is that because you have been so many times? I went 30 years ago and have only watched on TV since, until this year.
      I looked up Gardener’s Garters (great name) and it said it was a water plant, mine is growing in a border, so I’m not sure. I know the plant I have can be rampant and you need to keep it under control so that it doesn’t take over, but I love the way its stripy leaves show off plants next to it.


      • It is because I have been so many times! The weariness set in after about 11 years somewhere back in the mid 90s. I would like to give it another whirl now. Gardener’s Garters would be a MONSTER near water! It will grow anywhere, anyhow. But very useful for a shady corner that nothing else likes. I do love, just like you, and have always grown it in borders.

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        • Ah thank you, it most probably is Gardener’s Garters then – I won’t forget that name. Gosh 11 years to Chelsea – how amazing – yes, I think I’d be weary too and the TV coverage is so good. I am very tempted to go again next year because we had such a wonderful day and there were things I wish I had done and seen that i didn’t get to do – maybe every alternate year would be good…


  11. I would love to visit that nursery. Wonderful alliums. 😀

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  12. Am enjoying your posts about Chelsea – thank you!

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  13. Wow what feast for the eyes….I love alliums and have many….but more is even better. And Aquilegias are flowering here now too….I expect to have a few in a vase too! Lovely vase!

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    • Thank you Donna. I was amazed to see all the different varieties of allium and thrilled that I can order them direct from the grower. It is fun to see what plants we have in common both sides of the pond.


  14. I saw a photo of alliums for the first time earlier this week but had no idea they were so tall!

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    • They seem to come in all different heights and sizes, I’m only just learning about them myself. Cathy at Rambling in the Garden says she has the white Mount Everest and it is taller than her!! I’m going to HAVE to try to grow some of those.


  15. A lovely summery vase, love the pastel colours.

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  16. Great way to brightent a gloomy day on the rainy east coast! Thank you.

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  17. The allium displays are wonderful and I like your colorful mix of aquilegias.

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  18. As much as the displays at the CFS take one’s breath away, I much prefer your vase which is utterly charming 🙂

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