top young florist, Kay

in the limelight at Chelsea

a well deserved award


As I was walking past the Grand Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show, I heard cheering and clapping and dashed in to record the moment when Kay Willis of Christchurch in Dorset! Yes Dorset! was being presented with her award for Top Young Florist of the Year! Well done to her, an amazing floral display.

Below are some of the other entries

The brief was to create a Brazilian Carnival Headdress

The winning one. I love the colours, now can I recreate this in crochet…….


Click on the link to see further details of Chelsea Young Florist of the Year

Joining in with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: prompts TOP and LIGHT

and our 52 Week Photo Challenge: prompt HEADGEAR

I could not let the subject of ‘Headgear’ go by without showing you the latest additions to my Etsy Shop – which are adding to my 16 for 16 target of 14 new items put in the shop this year.

Now I’m off to find some crochet flower patterns.

Four of us created the list for the Photo Challenge, you can join in anytime, the next prompt is



I do a round up of all the entries each week which I hope to get out by Sunday, so please leave a link in the comments on this post of on Cathy’s post to be sure I don’t miss your photos.

38 responses to “Headgear

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  2. I really love the flowery headgear. Wow! The winner was gorgeous. I love the colors too but their were some other very impressive entries. Your knitted wigs/hats are so cool. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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  4. …and I was just as impressed with yours too 🙂 Wonderful work, Sandra!

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  5. I was in awe when I saw these on the TV coverage, Sandra, and would have love to have seen them closer up. My haiku and photograph are here
    Thanks for hosting

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    • Thanks so much for your entry this week Cathy. I will definitely take a better camera with a good zoom if I go to Chelsea again, I would have loved to have got a bit closer as well, it was fun to see them all in the flesh so to speak.

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  7. Hee hee well done. wait to see what I said. https://digwithdorris.wordpress.com
    your making is SO clever

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  8. Well deserved reward indeed. The wining headgear is gorgeous, as are all of the entries in a most unusual competition! Love the new additions to your very worthy collection. Such a fine photo for the headgear challenge!

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  9. Flower work is amazing. I like the crochet also. Pretty on young beautiful faces.

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    • I know what you mean Oneta, although it seems to be as much to do with the shape of the face as age, my sister looks great in the knitted and crochet ones and wears them for fun to parties. I look ridiculous in them though!

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  10. WOW! No words to express the beauty of the flower hat.

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  11. I do love hats, but this is headgear for the uber set!

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  12. Sorry to be out of the loop…such busy days working out of the house with little sit down time. Even though I’m not participating I enjoy seeing what you have done. The wigs are amazingly fun and such a nice selection!!

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  13. Christchurch, eh? I remember crossing the Stour in the ferry there, over to Wick. Lovely photos and what a great se tof head-dresses. Thank you.

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  14. Your crocheting is amazing! 🙂

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  15. A very ‘you’ choice with your love of flower arranging. All those headdresses are amazing.


  16. Just back from camp, I feel open to the idea of wearing a crotcheted carnival headdress! Go, Sandra, go! xxxx

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    • Hurray hurray!!!! I’m looking forward to hearing all about camp, always such wonderful creativity abounding there. I am in the grip of this new idea now – and guess what …….. I’ve found some carnival headdress bases online – yikes there are mini-champagne corks of excitement going off in my tummy as I think about it! ❤


  17. So much talent out there. Your headgear is amazing. And I can’t master crochet but I’ll keep trying.

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    • Isn’t it fun to see what can be created within a theme – that’s what I love about our photo challenge, every week and wide selection of ideas.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I expect you have watched the You Tube clips on crochet, there are some very helpful ones – I learnt from a book before the internet existed. If you ever want step by step tutorials you can do no better than Lucy’s at Attic24, click on the link in the ‘Blogs I Follow’ on the left of this page. Good luck!


  18. I saw that presentation on tv, did I see you I wonder. Good photo for this prompt.

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    • Thanks Cathy, maybe you got a glimpse of the back of my head without knowing it! I always love to see young people doing so well. I was ridiculously excited to discover she is from Dorset….. what’s that about???!!!!


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