Lampshades at Chelsea


Although the TV coverage of Chelsea Flower Show is excellent, one of the things you don’t get to see are all the wonderfully inspiring stalls selling all manner of goodies from around the world. One of my favourites was this one from Germany with products by  Rosemarie Schulz , she also writes a blog . I just loved all the dried natural material and how they were framed.


The large moss-covered lampshade was about £350, I have to admit to being tempted by it to go above my dining room table, but am wondering if I can produce a similar effect in crochet or knitting – I’m thinking I could make the moss with chenille yarn, I’d probably add some fern leaves as well and then it would be a homage to my favourite Artisan Garden, the Senri-Sentei-Garage Garden that won a gold medal and the Show’s President’s Award.



Designer Kazuyuki Ishihara



It was great to be there just as the team of gardeners and designers were celebrating their win.


13 responses to “Lampshades at Chelsea

  1. I missed seeing these lampshades. You are right the tv coverage is excellent but you cannot beat the experience of seeing the Show with your own eyes. Your photo of the designer getting his award has captured the moment so well.

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    • Thank you Dorris, there is so much to see, even though we went round the whole thing twice, I still realised there were things I had missed when I got home – you really need two days there don’t you!
      I was so pleased to capture that moment, such a wonderfully emotional and ultra-happy atmosphere, many of his team were crying with joy and excitement.

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  2. Hmm – I trust you didn’t at any point SERIOUSLY consider buying one, Sandra – of course you could make something with a similar effect! 🙂 My Girls are well used to me saying “I could make one at a fraction of the cost” and are beginning to develop the same ethos themselves, whereas the Golfer has always held the same view as I have. So much more satisfying too if you can do it yourself – although I do appreciate that not everyone would have the confidence to attempt some of the things that you or I would

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    • Ha! Ha! I was in a sort of Chelsea bubble Cathy, and they grabbed me, but as soon as I saw the price tag my mind turned to how I might make one and then of course I realised I would prefer a different shape etc etc etc – you know how the creative mind spirals off into realms of glorious complexity at times – I am on the look out for some moss coloured chenille though.

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  3. I’d just love to be there. The stalls look so inviting and a wander through would be brilliant, especially with a sister or brother in tow. However, 12000 miles is a little too far. Thank you for sharing the show and the stalls through your photo’s. I look forward to seeing your lampshade creation in due course.

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    • It is my pleasure to take you with me on a virtual wander Barbara, so happy to have you along. Yes, 12,000 miles would certainly be a long way to come! Do you have any similar shows in Australia? I visited Oz in 1994 and absolutely LOVED it – I would have stayed if I could, but had 3 children to get home to.


  4. I think crochet would be a safer option than reall moss. Look forward to seeing what you do if/when you get around to it.

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    • Yes – IF!
      The company say that the moss will last about 5years – but that is not long enough for me, especially if I’m spending that kind of money!
      I will definitely try to replicate moss, but whether it will ever become a lampshade or not is another matter altogether!

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  5. Oh, my. Never would have thought of such lovely decor! Wonder if they’d hold up well, or if they’re slightly temporary. Do like your idea of recreation in yarn – good luck!

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