In a Vase: White


Cathy, of Rambling in the Garden, has been inspired by Christina, of My Hesperides Gardenย  this week and is celebrating blogging friendship with a vase full of beautiful white flowers from her garden – which in turn has inspired my vase.

This little white jug has Tiarella Sky Rocket, a self seeded white lavender, saxifrage and erigeron.


The props are some crocheted daisies ready to adorn a blanket for Miss E. I started this way back in April last year, doing the many squares for the border has halted the process, but it is her birthday coming up and I really want to finish the blanket in time.

Here it is without a border


and here is the border in progress with daisies arranged by Miss E


40 squares and 12 daisies and so many ends to sew in!


I am also creating a pattern for the blanket so that if I ever did want to make one again (?!) I will have the instructions to hand. This will be available as a free pattern for anyone else who would like to give it a go.

White flowers are my favourite and despite the heavy rain this morning I managed to find some in the garden for another vase


In the vase on the left there is feverfew, DSCF9288astrantia, DSCF9283and a perennial white wallflower with a gorgeous scent, especially at dusk.

The vases are sitting amongst the pot plants: a white orchid,DSCF9286

Streptocarpus Rhiannon


and Streptocarpus Myfanwy


Do pop on over to see Cathy’s vase and all the others that come pouring in from all over the world always lifting a Monday with beauty.

Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Happy Monday!

Update: Some photos of the plant which I think is a perennial white wallflower

Am I right?


32 responses to “In a Vase: White

  1. There’s a trend going on here! Started by Christina and spreading like wildfire – I love your daisies (vases and blanket flowers!) – I like the way you set some interesting white houseplants in there too. Your plant certainly looks like a perennial wallflower to me …

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    • Just going through comments to see if I missed replying to any and found yours. Sorry it has taken me so long! I did like that colour theme. Actually white flowers are my favourite. I wonder if Cathy will set us another interesting theme or colour way. I sent her some seeds of the wallflower, so I hope they come true for her.

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  2. Cheering up our wintery day , thanks Sandra

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    • So sorry I missed replying to your comment Denis. Sometimes life tumbles me along too fast – just catching up! So glad it cheered your wintery day – how is the weather now? I guess you are moving into Spring.


  3. A perennial white wallflower? Really white and not yellow that fades to white? Sounds a useful plant… Your vase looks so clean and fresh against the white background – couldn’t achieve that here!! Thanks for sharing it – and making time to do so when you have all those ends to sow in!!!

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    • Gosh, now I am wondering if it is a perennial wallflower – that is what my friend told me it was. I’ll take a photo of it later and maybe you can tell me what it is.


      • I wasn’t disputing it though Sandra – I was just very disappointed with the ones I have grown from seed and white do the yellow-fading-very-slowly-to-white thing… not good for my blue & white borders nor my main ones ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Perennial Wallflower, how beautiful. Your vases are lovely, I miss the flowers in winter but it will be over soon and spring will come with her blessings.

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    • I grew the wallflowers from seed taken from a plant that grows under the kitchen window of a friend. The scent through that window in the evening is so glorious. They grow into quite a big bushy plant. You are at the Midwinter stage – isn’t it wonderful after the shortest day to know the days are getting longer! I don’t want to think about the days getting shorter here!


  5. What a garden of Eden!!!
    I see you are a Strep fan too. Wonderful picture of S.Myfanwy. I didn’t know they came in such pure white.
    Such a festive post –
    a perennial wallflower – also a new one on me.

    You make Feverfew look exotic.
    And the crocheted daisies are so sweet. Such a good way to make a large project in bits – what yarn did you use? Looks like it might be cotton.

    Dreamy and inspiring – where is my crochet hook….

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    • Your comment has me skipping with happiness! I used Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn. It comes in 82 colours, washes well and is very reasonably priced. I get mine from
      The blanket would work well in cotton though.
      I do really love Streptocarpus, but I take cuttings as I seem to be very good at killing them after about a year and I’m never quite sure why – any tips?


  6. A beautiful display of flowers, and lovely daisies too! I am admiring everyone’s Astrantias this week. Your white one is stunning. I am definitely going to try growing them again now!

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  7. Oh, the daisy border takes the blanket to another level of loveliness altogether! Gorgeous!

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  8. I love your vase posts, Daffy, This week it is lovely as ever. Those daisies are so pretty, I love the blanket that you are making for Miss E, Those daisies on it look stunning and give it even more of a personal touch ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Lovely vase. I have mock orange in a vase this week. White again and the whole house smells delicious

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  10. I adore the crocheted daisies the perfect prop for you white vase!

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Donna, the daisies are fun to crochet and it is nice to see them piling up. I was pleased when I realised the colours went so well with the flowers.


  11. We are all orientated towards white this week; although my 2nd vase is decidedly not white! Your blanket is charming; I’m sure Miss E will love it.

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    • Yes there are some lovely white vases this week – yours are fulsome and as beautiful as ever – you have so many to choose from your gorgeous garden.
      Miss E tells me she LOVEs her blanket frequently – I think she has been trying to spur me on to finish it.

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  12. Your post cheered me up with its summery daisy theme and your crochet work adds a nice touch!

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  13. You nailed your whites perfectly. Beautiful photos and post.

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