no dazzling summer

dull skies give an even light

best for photographs



The rusting sea defences at Charmouth Beach, Dorset, on England’s south coast. Their shapes, colours and textures fascinate me, sculpted by the sea.

Did you watch the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’ or ‘Springwatch Unsprung’? On the latter programme there was a guest called Martin Dorey who founded the 2 Minute Beach Clean

“We are a growing family of beach lovers rolling up our sleeves to help rid the world’s beaches of marine litter and plastic pollution, two minutes at a time.

We believe that every piece of litter removed from the beach matters. So it doesn’t matter if you do 2 minutes or 30. Each and every piece of marine
plastic removed from the beach is a piece that will no longer go on to kill.

Our movement has grown enormously since its inception in 2014. Since then thousands of people all over the globe have used our hashtag for their
beach cleaning activities.”

Inspired by this I went to Charmouth to do my 2 minutes, and then posted my finds onto the 2 minute Beach Clean Facebook Page. 2Min Beach Clean is on Instagram as well.

I came across a huge tangle of detritus too heavy to liftDSCF9347

but including a fascinating array of waste, all with an unknown human story attachedDSCF9352

I set about cutting bits out that fascinated me and put them with the rest of my haul of beach rubbish. DSCF93572 minutes turned into a wonderfully relaxing hour of  beach-combing finding more REPEATs

DSCF9349 (1)



Amongst the rubbish it was this rope that intrigued me the most


which I have since discovered, from a diving friend, is a float line for a fishing net, probably a net for catching prawns.

I soaked the best bits in rainwater and just had to have a play around with the shapesDSC_0027

Version 2


Next time you visit a beach spare just a couple of minutes to pick up the plastics, it thrills me to feel part of this wonderfully international inspiring idea.

Joining in with our 52 Week Photo Challenge: REPEAT


Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: prompt words DAZZLE and SKY

Next week our Photo Challenge Prompt




Update: I have just started a new blog to house my Beach Clean Art.



34 responses to “Repeat

  1. You take the most interesting pictures. The combination of colors and textures is fascinating.

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    • Just realised I did not reply to your lovely comment Vashti – so sorry to take so long! It is thrilling to know you find my photos interesting. Colour and texture are always what grabs me, so I’m glad to know that comes through in the pictures. Thanks again. ❤


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  3. I LOVE this whole post. Gorgeous. This line: “a fascinating array of waste, all with an unknown human story attached…” ❤

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    • Your lovely comment makes me beam from ear to ear – I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much – it is the human stories which grab me as much as the colours and textures – the designers, the makers, the users and now me ….. and you….! ❤ ❤


  4. Loved the collection of photos and haiku…especially loved the stones..these would make great posters nicely framed in a serene atmosphere.:)

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    • Oooooo! you have given me an idea! I know it has been done before but I’m thinking …. of taking portrait photos of some of those beautiful pebbles – yep, I’m going to try that – thank you for the inspiration. If there is a photo you particularly like, that you would like to print out, let me know and I will send it to you in high resolution by email. ❤


  5. Yes, I did catch something about the beach cleaning. Fascinating array of photographs!

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  6. I love beach combing, the patterns on some stones are so nice, rope intact or frayed is interesting though I suspect some of my liking it is due to the blue colour, blue being my favourite colour,
    I love your natural found objects artworks Sandra, will you take any of them further, Frances

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    • I am very encouraged by your comment Frances. I too am drawn to the blues in the ropes and nets, especially the turquoise. Today i am having fun going through all my finds, and allowing the imagination full rein on how they might be made into permanent artworks. Time is always the issue – a quick arrangement is irresistible and the urge to create something long lasting is there – so in answer to your question, YES, I do hope to take some further and am making a bit of progress in that direction. I will be sure to share them if any come to a stage I am happy with. Thank you so much for your interest.

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  7. That is interesting Sandra. Last year we went to Lindos, Rhodes and I was really saddened to see not one but three dead turtles. I am guessing that they may have been as a result of the plastic they swallowed. I believe they think plastic bags are jellyfish. The lovely sandy beach was ruined by mountains of plastic including flip flops, water bottles in industrial quantities. This is a massive problem and we all should do a bit of cleaning up. Like your photos, you made it all seem rather well pretty.

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    • Oh no! Poor turtles! The harm all our plastic does to marine life is heartbreaking. I went with Miss E to do a beach clean yesterday and we filled two buckets with plastic bottles in about 5 minutes – WHY!!!!!!! Why can’t people dispose of them responsibly. I can’t help seeing beauty in the colours and textures of some of the jetsam, but NOT in plastic bottles.


  8. that is a gala collection of photographs!

    loved the haiku 🙂

    mine is here

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  9. I don’t live near an ocean but am very happy to hear about 2-minute beach clean–it’s a great idea which can be applied many places such as on my country road where litter needs to be picked up. Your photos and artistic creations are wonderful. And I agree with your haiku…a dazzling sun does create photo complications. Repeat was a challenging theme but you fully nailed it!

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  10. A fantastic trio Sandra, great haiku, the images are graphic and engaging and the story brings them all together .Recycling human ocean waste into art is a growing movement, the more the better given how much has to be cleaned up.

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    • Thank you Denis. It took a while to bring everything together this week but it happened in the end. I have to admit, it gives me a kick when I get the haiku to work alongside the photo and the theme of my blog, just like solving a difficult cryptic crossword clue. You are right about art from sea litter, I’ve had a wonderful time looking on Pinterest – very inspiring. What else is there to do – it is plastic so really there is no throwing it away, we only have one planet – it’s with us for decades.

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  11. Fantastic! Love it. A perfect act of kindness! Super interpretation of repeat and art thrown in.

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  12. I love the haiku Daffy! Only you could make something beautiful out of a load of bits washed up on the shore! 🙂

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