Photo Challenge prompt: ROUND in our 52 Week Photo Challenge

The hydrangeas in my garden are at their most beautiful stage at the moment.

In a Vase on Monday: Cathy has challenged us to create a minimalist or ikebana style arrangement of flowers from  our garden this week – my very favourite style – and because my current creative obsession is using trash from the beach to create art  – here is my take on it



I couldn’t decide which placement I preferred, which do you like best?


hydrangea’s soft blues

growing bigger and brighter with time

like childhood dreams



Joining in with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, this week’s prompts: TIME and GROW

hydrangea’s soft blues growing bigger and brighter with time

growing bigger and brighter with time like childhood dreams


And for Cee’s Flower of the Day ………….



This hydrangea grows just next to my ‘field’ of lychnis


with a few self seeded mallows and purple toadflax thrown in


My front garden is alive with bugs, buzzing and beasties – a complete joy to behold.

Next week’s Photo Challenge Prompt is





55 responses to “Round

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  3. Just realised I hadn’t left a comment, Sandra, although I did read your post on Monday… apologies. I thought your take on ikebana was brilliant, particularly as it took advantage of your beach scavenging streak. I like the first one the best – and the colours are great!

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  4. Likening hydrangeas to childhood dreams, what a fantastic piece of imagery.

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  5. Hydrangeas can be so very beautiful. Wonderfully captured and staged.

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  6. your front garden looks and sounds wonderful, Frances

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    • Thank you Frances. I love the abundant wildness of it, my neighbours however …………!! I don’t think they love weeds/wild flowers/wild abandon as much as I do. They have a lot to put up with with me in their midst! Ha!

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  7. All the flowers are beautiful — some interesting names. I like both of your arrangements but if I had to choose I think it would be the last one. And I enjoy your haiku of dreams as well 🙂

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  8. I love your round hydrangeas and the combination of lychnis and mallow is positively dreamy. I need to get looking for my round shot now.

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  9. I think I would go for the third photo.

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  10. Love the bringing together of ‘findings’ and flowers…

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  11. Stunning . . . . .very clever round indeed. I like the middle one too, but would like to see what the final one looks like if I was standing at the end looking down it. As I’ve got an inkling I might like that even more!

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  12. I visited then Hydrangea Temple in June 2000 and have lots of images, for the scan to JPG list for a future haiku!!!

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  13. Beautiful hydrangeas Sandra. You would love the hydrangea temple in Nara Japan, thousands of them , every imaginable shape, colour and size amidst a forest

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  14. Beautiful blue hydrangeas and haiku….I like it in the center placement.

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    • The centre placement wins! It gets the most votes – I had fun arranging and rearranging and then I just could not decide which to post so posted all 3 – thank you for letting me know which one you like Donna.

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  15. Couldn’t take my eyes off that soft pink mallow and that fields looks so inviting.
    How nice you can go beach-combing for nice bits of plant support like that. Great accent for your lovely hydrangea.

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  16. Very clever! The Hydrangea is scrumptious. I like the second placement best, although I’d be hard-pressed to articulate why. Your Hydrangea and the Lychnis complement each other beautifully in your garden too.

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  17. I like the second arrangement as it creates a triangle shape. Lovely natural round!

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    • 3 votes for the middle photo – thank you Cathy, I’m really interested to know which ones everyone likes. You wouldn’t believe how many positions I put the items in and then how many different angles I photographed them from! In the end whittling it down to three was as far as I could go.


  18. Love the Hydrangea with found objects from the beach. Isn’t it weird what you can find that washes up?? I like the middle photo as well, and the way the blues pick up the hydrangea colors.

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  19. Those hydrangeas are beautiful, Daffy, I like the third picture the best of your arrangement 🙂

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  20. So interesting. I like the third one. Your field of lychnis is lovely too.

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  21. Wow, I am seriously impressed by that arrangement. I really can’t decide which photo I prefer, as the effect is so different in each.

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  22. I like the second photograph best because the blue tones flow through the composition and are pleasing to the eye.

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