Beach Clean Vase on Monday

DSC_0008 (1)

Still a little obsessed with my latest project – Beach Clean Art, I have set this oh-so-cute square vase filled with monbretia in front of one of my in-progress paintings and surrounded it with bits and pieces I have collected from the beach whilst doing my bit for the 2 Minute Beach Clean.


using these beach clean pieces for a backdrop again, this time complete with beach clean ‘Cleopatra’


and Tate Modern brooch


Tate Modern is selling these as a fund raiser to celebrate the new extension – exciting times, I hope to visit soon.

I have been developing the background canvases I showed you in this post, with a bit of stamping


A very roughly drawn ammonite (with a pencil) on the back of a polystryrene pizza packing disc has created some pretty good stamps I think.

I’ve been playing with bits of beach-clean to see which will make the finished piece.

These pieces are just laid on with no fixings whilst I decide – fixing everything securely is what takes the time – that is the work – all else is play.



I like the idea of fixing the smaller canvas to the larger, creating a little shelf – ooo i am having fun!

What do you think – does it work?

Joining in with Cathy’s inspired international garden flowers meme


Cee’s Flower of the Day.

DSC_0004 (1)

DSC_0008 (2)

Monbretia with morning dew.

49 responses to “Beach Clean Vase on Monday

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  4. Your post is such a visual delight, Sandra.. I also love your creative eye in contrasting that lovely, beach blue with other colours. I can feel the joy in your creative play. ❤

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  5. I love Montbretie, and the blues and oranges make such a fresh and vibrant contrast. Your beach projects look fun – love the 3D effect with the ‘shelf’!

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  6. I love all your gorgeous creativity in this post!!! The canvas stamping and painting is marvelous, the colours so perfect. 😀 Hugs, Melissa

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  7. I love the first vase and the backdrop is outstanding, art indeed!

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  8. The Beach Clean Art project is very clever. I hope it also spurs people to be more thoughtful about safeguarding the ocean from their litter. Your square vase with its offset opening is charming and it shows off the Monbretia (another flower I can’t grow here) beautifully.

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    • Thank you Kris. I too hope the Beach Clean Art raises some awareness, that is why the project has grabbed me so fiercely. I’ve long been an eco-warrior in a quiet way, this has given me renewed impetus.


  9. Wow that first photo is stunning and I love the effect with the vase…almost looks like under the water to me….very creative!

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  10. Monbretia: so pretty but so hard to get rid of. I brought some here from my old house but after a while it was coming up in abudance all over that corner and I decided it had to go. But the corms dig deep and I think it is only my new properly laid paving that will lay it to rest at last.
    Like both the arrangements.

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  11. I especially like the first picture with your unfinished painting as a background, with the quirky vase and the kinky montbretia stems. It is fascinating to watch the progress of the painting and see how your mind is working to utilise the different found objects. Thank you so much for sharing your unique approach to IAVOM

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  12. Oh I so adore your first few photos. Wonderfully creative throughout your post.

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  13. It all works! And what fun to see the vase variations and your artwork stages.

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  14. Love the way you are combining you current interests, weaving them together…a treasure trove of items throw up by the sea, to complement the vibrant blooms. However it does sadden me that us humans are generating so much ‘stuff’. How nice to have flowers that come from the earth and return to the earth!

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    • I’m not sure if it was Permaculture that taught me to combine as many things together to make each act as multi-functional as possible or whether I have always done it, but I love your description of ‘weaving them together’.
      It saddens me too that there seems to be so little awareness of the sheer amount of indestructible waste we humans are creating.
      I do so agree with your sentiment about the flowers, beauty to enjoy without harming the planet.
      Thank you Noelle. ❤


  15. Yes, it totally works – gorgeously!

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  16. A beautiful arrangement and all the more fantastic for your admirable ‘beach clean’ repurposing. I like the stamping art – you are very clever and resourceful!

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    • Thank you Eliza, I like your description of ‘repurposing’ to describe what I’m doing with the things I find on the beach. I learnt how to make the polystyrene stamps on a workshop I took my granddaughter to recently – fun, free, easy and surprisingly effective.

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  17. I love your imaginative use of found materials. The Beach Clean Art project is fascinating. And the cube is great–must be a fun vase to use.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I am so wrapped up in the whole subject of the stuff washed up on the shores of the world at the moment and the need to clear it – my motivation is environmental, but it has gone up a few gears with the creative potential.
      The cube really is fun to use as whatever is put in it looks interesting.

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  18. I’ll say it does!
    Great colours and so much interest.
    and that great cube with the off-set hole.
    You make good use of the culture in the capital, don’t you. We are always just a bit too far away from impromptu visits. Did you go and see the Impressionists gardeners exhibition earlier this Spring?

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    • Sorry – forgot to say: G.F. is me, joanna.

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    • Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support! I bought the cube from after seeing them at Chelsea Flower Show this year. I can get to London in 2.5 hours on the train – lucky me – and I always have a wander along the South Bank when I go to visit family. I didn’t see that exhibition – sounds good though. I’ll be visiting the Foundling Museum tomorrow for the first time where Cornelia Parker is curating an exhibition including some beach finds – feeding my current passion for rubbish! Ha!


  19. That beach clean art is brilliant Daffy. I love the square vase and the way you have displayed it, it looks like a little underwater scene.
    How clever that stamp is, and it works really well too. I also agree that the smaller canvas against the larger one works very well indeed. 🙂

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