Ringstead Rust

I’ve been playing around with rust.

Beach Clean Art

DSC_0001 (2)-1DSC_0001 (3)-1DSC_0004-1


These pictures will only exist as photographs, which might in time be printed on canvas or paper.

The background painting is 16″x16″, acrylic paint and sand mixed with PVA on canvas

Which photograph do you think would look best printed on canvas?

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33 responses to “Ringstead Rust

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  2. And I would have said no 2 until I read Curlsnskirls comment and looked again at no 3 again and it’s now a close thing!

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  3. I love the first one – the rust really contrasts well with the turquoise background. Would make a lovely piece of art.

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  4. Love them both, but surely the fish is too cute for words! That would be my choice for printing to canvas. The second photo has a very nice warmth to it also. Can’t help but repeat…clever as ever Sandra!!

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  5. Enjoyed them all, but especially the last. Thought, bird in flight with wire for nest building. Am going to vote for the third, as to me it seems almost a combination of 1 & 2, but can’t say why. Have the feeling it’ll grow on you. (If that makes sense!)

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love them all – but the first two really caught my eye – you are so creative!

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  7. the first one really make me think of the Callanish standing stones against the sky, I like the 3rd looking across the surface too, Frances

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    • Oh what a wonderful association with the stones – I’m thrilled to know that! I just looked them up on Google images – so inspiring. I’m going to see if I can take that forward into another painting – can’t thank you enough Frances. ❤ So glad you like the third one, I think that might be my favourite.

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  8. Oh, I love these! The rust with sandy turquoise backgrounds really pop.

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  9. These are wonderful! I think the last two would be particularly great on canvas (and I love the little swimmer in the bottom arrangement).

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