End of Month View


The weeds have made a lot of progress, but I see (comparing with last month’s photo) I haven’t!

On the plus side, I have been eating and giving away a huge amount of raspberries. The first flush is now over so I have taken out all of last year’s growth leaving some very leggy canes. They do have lots of flower buds on them so hopefully this autumn fruiting variety will bring some more juicy berries.

I gave them a good water and then mulched with homemade compost to help them along.


The so-called thornless blackberries have finally started to look promising – threatening them with removal if they did not improve obviously worked.

and the loganberries have been superb!

So much weeding to do!

Joining in with The Patient Gardener’s EoMV discovered at Cathy’s Rambling in the Garden, who also hosts the fabulous In a Vase on Monday.

Pop over to both of those blogs for an international garden fest and see what REAL gardeners get up to!

Happy gardening!


12 responses to “End of Month View

  1. Glad you have had a good crop! I cut mine down last week, and my loganberries too – some of the raspberries hadn’t sent up new canes though, so the later crop might be a bit sparse.

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    • It was a really good crop on this side of the garden – but on the other side, south facing but underneath an ash tree, hardly any. I’ll move a couple of canes to the fruit cage in time.


  2. We have had a wonderful year for raspberries, too! My little ones forage several times a day, but even so we managed to bring in several bowlfuls. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your garden!

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  3. Raspberries are my favourite berry, but they rarely make it through the door as the children are so helpful at picking them (before the birds get them, of course!).

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  4. Love berries & if closer, would offer weeding in exchange!

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  5. How wonderful to have all those lovely berries in your garden. I love raspberries! 🙂

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  6. Love raspberries,, missing Dads this year! Might have to go fruit picking

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