Paint Party

Joining in with Paint Party Friday.

I’m still playing with this one, so nothing is fixed yet.

Acrylic on triangular canvas with pieces picked up on the beach whilst dong a Beach Clean.

DSC_0074 (1)

See the picture’s development so far here.


22 responses to “Paint Party

  1. interesting 🙂 good use of found objects 🙂

    Happy PFF 🙂
    Jen #23

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  2. This is lovely. Your combination of finds and art is brilliant. Such a great concept.

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  3. Fun beginning! Great way of making art! Mixed media is great fun!
    Happy weekend!

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  4. Fantastic! I really like seeing the process too.

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  5. what a great way to help keep the beach clean, to recycle, and to make fun art-love it!! Happy PPF!

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  6. No idea which of the last two I like best – both are so different. Keep em both if you can, would be my suggestion!

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    • Ha! Thanks – I’ll have to try to recreate one of them – although they never do turn out the same, fun trying though.

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      • Sorry for causing unintentional probs. 😳
        Thought you were doing photos of this lot, and as the photos are on the site…


        • Oh no , you haven’t caused any problems, I love your comment. Yes I can certainly keep the photos, my decision on this one is about what to bits and pieces to fix permanently to the canvas. I spend so long trying out different combinations that my mind can’t seem to decide. Thanks so much for joining in the discussion, it really does help – a lot!

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  7. Nothing quite as good as creating something from rubbish and you have done a super job {I love a spot of skip swimming myself!}

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love it!

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