Several of the components in this vase have seeded themselves: buddleia, golden marjoram, pink mallow, and the unknown umbellifer. But my garden, this year is strangely lacking in self-sown foxgloves. I usually have masses. So I have sown some perennial ‘Snowy Mountain’, which I bought at Chelsea. Should I wait to sow the others, the biennial ones, in the Spring or get on with it now?




The red lobelia was on offer at the end of last summer and is doing well, I’ve even grown more from flowers that I picked – they rooted in the vase. They are growing next to the monbretia and the Gardener’s Gaiters in the front border and I do love the combination.


The Peace Pole was added because it was right where I have put the vase on display in the house, and with all the terrible things happening in the world, one can always do with a Peace Pole.


It has ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ written in a different language on each of the four sides. You can read more about Peace Poles by clicking on the link:

Peace Poles


Joining Cathy’s fabulous floral garden party at Rambling in the Garden.

And for Cee’s Flower of the Day, here is a closer look at the buddleia.


No wonder butterflies love them.

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  2. Always so original Sandra. I should sow a few foxgloves again and some more next year to keep a steady supply

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  3. You’re right, if I was a butterfly I would not be able to resist that Buddleia! I love your arrangement this week – the peace pole is a lovely idea and highlights the height of your flowers too. I do like the red Lobelia.

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    • I have this lovely picture of us both as butterflies flitting around our gardens!
      The red lobelia is a pleasant surprise – I’m not usually one for reds but it goes so well with the monbretia, they look happy together.

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  4. Peace, there is a rose called Peace, I remember my father planting that when I was young. You little seedlings are doing well. I love the range of seasonal blooms in your vase, and the stripy grass too.

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  5. Such an exquisite arrangement! The sentiment is especially lovely given the times we are in. If these poles would work, I’d plant them all over! I might plant in my garden….will check into them, so wonderful.

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  6. Love the peace pole and it’s floral accompaniment!

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  7. The peace pole is a great daily reminder… I’ve seen large ones in gardens, but never a personal size one, a good idea.
    Your arrangement has inspired me to get gardeners garters and orange montbretia – I love that combination!

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  8. Another wonderful vase, your Monday posts are am uplifting start to the week.

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  9. Stunning Daffy. What gorgeous flowers, and such lovely colours. I love that peace pole too. As always you have put everything together perfectly 🙂

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  10. Beautiful flowers and beautiful thoughts ~ what better way to start my day across the pond. Thank you, Sandra! xx

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  11. I love your Peace Pole – there is a huge one at Waterperry Gardens. Where did you get yours from? I suppose I should make one really…
    I am amazed at that lobelia – I have bought and lost several of them over the years 😦 Yours looks great with the montbretia and I shall definitely investigate this white perennial foxglove! Thanks for sharing

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    • If you click on the link ‘Peace Poles’, and look along the top menu, there is a link to how to buy one. I bought a 6′ white one for the local primary school, to celebrate my 60th birthday as I was born on Armistice Day, 11th November. The school create a lovely ceremony around it on each 11:11.
      Snowy Mountain: I realise the photo cuts off the number of seeds in the packet – which is 50.
      The have loads of perennial foxgloves: https://www.thebotanicnursery.co.uk/foxgloves.php
      but I see Snowy Mountain is not available online, I will email you.


  12. A lovely bouquet and a special message I really like, so may peace prevail!

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  13. All my foxgloves are biennial so I can’t help on your perennial {not heard of them, but they are always coming out with new things} I tend to sow a packet of seeds two ways ~ one as stated on the packet, and sprinkle some where I’d like them to grow at the time of year when they would self sow naturally. Good Luck, and I look forward to seeing them.

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    • Thanks Deborah, I think I will try some now and some in the spring and see how they go. I do a lot of sprinkling of seeds from the plants I have, it is a great way to garden isn’t it!


  14. Love the bright colors. Didn’t realize there is a perennial foxglove–thought they were all biennial. Thanks for mentioning that. I always forget to plant seeds and they don’t reseed well for me by themselves.

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    • I only came across the perennial ones quite recently, but haven’t managed to grow one from a bought plant for more than one season – thought I’d try some seeds and see what happens.


  15. Murtagh's Meadow


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  16. Beautiful! I especially like the red lobelia, how pretty. Wishing for peace to at my end but mankind isn’t made for that kind of thing, I’m afraid. Happy Monday 🙂

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