Decisions decisions!

Remember this painting which i had just placed together but not yet fixed, when I wrote this Beach Clean Art post ?DSC_0006-1

Today I set about fixing it all together. I really like the piece of wood on the right too much to let it go yet, so I replaced that element with some of the rust I found on Ringstead beach.

This is how it looks so far with the small canvas screwed on and the rust attached with a bit of netting and red fishing line



Now I’m driving myself crazy trying to work out where to go next – does it look right as it is – less is more – or is this better …..



but is the balance right? does this look better?



or this


DSC_0006 (1)-1

Aaargh! My head is aching!

Can you lovely people help me!?! Which one.

The pressure is on a bit as for the first time ever I am entering three paintings into the Dorset County Show and this might be one of them.

Joining in with Paint Party Friday where you can see masses of wonderful artworks.



59 responses to “Help!

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  3. I can see your dilemma – but I think I would go for no 3

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  4. I am late getting my comments out, however I think #4 has the most impact for what you are trying to convey. I love this piece.

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  5. if one goes with the notion that the point is to focus people’s attention of (un)clean beaches, then #4 has the greater impact. The more the rust and such pushes against nature the better.

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  6. I think #3 is slightly more…something. Not sure what. And only slightly. I really love them all. (Sorry. Not much help there.)

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  7. I love #3 ! I like seeing the detailed line work, #4 covers it up. good luck!

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  8. I just have to wade in too. I like No.3 best, it seems the most balanced. I really like that piece of wood though and wonder if you have tried it horizontally across the top of the small canvas instead of the bottle top element, it may open up a few more options to try that.

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    • So glad you have joined us Barbara! I love your radical suggestion and am going to try it. That will really change the dynamics of the piece and help me to see it afresh – invaluable! Thank you!!! ❤


  9. More is definitely more here Daffy! I like the fourth one the best, It seems to be well-balanced and is so pretty! 🙂

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  10. My favourite is the last one with the most attachments. Do you have a name for this piece?

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  11. Hi, Sandra!
    Weighing in on these, am very grateful to have read all the previous responses, as they helped clarify & verbalize my thinking. Bearing in mind I tend to be a minimalist…

    1. I do like this so much better than the previous. Adding the rust really points up the reds in your work, including where you’ve got some delicate stamping detail. There’s just less distraction… but keep in mind my predilection!
    2. Something really bothered me about that bottle cap. Too set. Too identifiable, whilst everything else wasn’t. But it made my eye go directly to the lower middle upward arc of lighter blue. I do like the fringe on that lower piece of rust. In #1 my eye was intrigued with how the rust picked up the reds, but looking back at it I’m also seeing that blue arc.
    3. Too busy, too many distractions, replies minimalist moi! 😉
    4. What about replacing that bottle cap-bucket with the rust you’ve got over there, and taking out the stringy bit in the middle? The added height might be pleasing, and then there’s the rule of 3’s going with the rust, but still with all that centre detailing clearly visible?
    Or have I unintentionally added to your headache? Do hope not!
    This is only opinion, and very biased, so…
    BEAUTIFUL PIECE, and so thrilling to see it coming together! xx

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  12. Ok the last is my favourite, but I think you need some more red, just off centre.

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  13. I prefer the 4th version – it just seems balanced. I dare say you’re going to find out (a bit like love) that there’s somebody out there for every one of them.

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  14. I like 3 best. But I also liked the green and red in the bottom right corner in the original. And I agree with Marian St Clair a little red in the pot would balance out nicely.

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    • I’m absolutely loving this discussion! Thank you Jane. I now think the bottle top only works with the original red and green bits bottom right, otherwise it looks out of context. I agree too about more red in the pot. ❤


  15. My favorit is the 3. Love it!
    Happy PPF ❤

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  16. I like #3, it seems nicely balanced to me. Looking great!

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  17. I don’t like the pot in it because it appears to be not reclaimed and seems out of place, whereas the rest is reclaimed from a beach clean. Hope this makes sense but probably isn’t much help. Sorry.

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    • I can see what you mean about the little pot not looking like an item from a beach clean, but it is the top of a plastic bottle parted from it’s body that I found on my first beach clean on Charmouth Beach. Your comment is a huge help, because other people might feel it is out of place too. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment Deborah. Much to think about! ❤

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    • Very helpful – now I’m thinking that the bottle top might be better placed with other bottle tops so that it is more obvious that they are all from the beach. 😉

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  18. I like #2 – the two subsequent ones, for me, have too many distractions from the delicate patterns in the background. I like the subtlety.

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  19. I like #3, but I think the little pot on the top left needs more of the dark filament, like the earliest piece.

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    • Thank you Marian, that is really helpful, I agree with you about adding more dark red fishing line to the pot top left. I had taken some out to use it to secure the rust and did not think to replenish it. I really appreciate you taking time to comment. ❤


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