Paint Party Friday


The second completed painting in the Beach Clean Art series – yes, I’m now confident there will be a series!

‘Beach Clean 2’

Acrylic paint, rust and fishing line.  8″x 8″



I love the rust pieces and some deserve a place of their own – the found fishing line, which comes in all sorts of colours, is perfect for attaching bits and pieces.

The painting started out like this – the one top rightDSC_0038-1

one of this group of backgrounds I did back in July



I was blown away by the wonderful response last week to my cry for help. I can’t express how immensely grateful I am to all of you who joined in the discussion. It really did help so MUCH!!!!!

Are you wondering how the painting looks now?

Well it has been sitting on a table in my sitting room for me to look at several times a day and I have tinkered with it many times. Taking everyone’s comments into consideration really helped to concentrate my mind and consider all the elements that were brought to my attention – what a gift you all gave me – really!!! Here is last week’s post – Help!

And here it is now – nothing has been fixed yet.

DSC_0001 (1)-1

Already as I look at it I know I will rearrange the turquoise rope at the bottom when I fix it, but I think it is nearly there. It just needs to sit a few more days for me to be sure.

The title will be ‘Beach Clean 3

Joining in with Paint Party Friday…..

…. and completing the second of 7 paintings for my 16 for 2016 Challenge


28 responses to “Paint Party Friday

  1. really nice texture on them all and the colours work really well together 🙂

    Happy PPF! 🙂
    Jen #50

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  2. Enjoy this. I think its simplicity is very sophisticated. Happy PPF-Erika

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  3. Yes I think there should be a series of these art pieces too. The first one was such a hit. I like the metal on this one.

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  4. I love the idea of foraging and creating such gorgeous pieces of art!
    The rust works perfectly with the colours. A great inspiring canvas and I’m happy to hear that there will be a series. I look forward to seeing them all ;D Happy PPF to you

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  5. I think Beach Clean 2 is really cool. Loving the minimal style! Your painted backgrounds look fabulous together – what a great series this could turn out to be 🙂

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  6. Lovely work recycling found materials. (Recycling is just a new word for what we old-timers have been doing all our lives!) The colors are awesome.

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  7. How creative you are! I love these–there’s something about them which captivates my eyes…

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  8. I didn’t see your post last week or I think I would have suggested No.1 as I think less is more. I love the idea of using found pieces from the beach – we’ve filled huge rubbish bags with junk that people throw away on the beach or that washes up from fishing boats and mostly it makes me mad and sad but this is a positive way to upcycle some of that into works of art. I really like beach clean 2 – the one piece of rust works so well against the textured background.

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    • Thank you Nicola – the ‘less is more’ comments sparked the inspiration for this week’s piece, so I’m glad you like it. We are all so different aren’t we. I am really enjoying the collaboration with the other piece.
      It was my sadness about the immense amount of rubbish that meant I just had to do something positive and creative with at least some if it. I recycle what I can, but some inevitably will end up in landfill. 😦
      So good to know you pick up stuff as well. You might be interested in my new little blog dedicated to beach cleaning.


  9. I didn’t help out at all as I’m very behind with my reader, but slowly catching up. This looks stunning! Think you’ve got it spot on 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  10. That picture is looking great, Daffy, Isn’t it wonderful how our community can all help each other out, and together create such a wonderful piece of art! 🙂

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  11. Fun work. I have been collecting lots of rusty bits and feathers along the Rhine lately and will be putting them onto some canvases sooner or later. Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

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  12. I love the simplicity of the first piece and the red works brilliantly in the second. This is going to be a wonderful series and wonderful what can be made from detritus.

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    • Thank you so much Cathy. It thrills me the way these formerly discarded pieces inspire. It was your comment last week that I had in mind when I added the two red bits at the bottom – a truly co-created piece! ❤


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