Our painting!


I have entered our painting in a ‘Any Media’ painting class in our local County Show. Thank you so much to all of you who helped me get to the final design.

Judging happens tomorrow morning at 8am – exciting – I’ll let you know how we did!

Joining in with Paint Party Friday.



28 responses to “Our painting!

  1. You have been busy in my absence! Throwing parties and all that I missed out on…the story of my overworking life these days 😦

    I really love this piece of artwork you’ve created. I especially like how it’s both the result of a collaboration and uses recycled bits and bobs.

    Not clever as ever, but MORE clever than ever!!!

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  2. Oh I wonder how you did? Did you give it a title in the end? It will be most exciting to find out the results and perhaps see some of the opposition too.

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  3. I missed the lead-up to this but the finished product is very intriguing! Good luck with the competition!

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  4. Good luck! Looks fabulous.

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    • Thank you Cathy. I will be with my Mum today, not at the Show, so I’m not sure when I will find out how the painting got on. I’ve entered other things as well – hoping to post about it soon.


  5. Love the flow of color and 3-d effects from one side of the canvas to the other, like a swirl of a current. Good luck with your piece of art. ❀

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    • Your comment is music to my ears! It was Del of Curls and Skirls who mentioned the eye’s journey across the canvas which I hadn’t noticed before, and I definitely wanted to keep that in the finished piece. Thanks so much for your good wishes.

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  6. Good luck Sandra. There is a tropical underwater feel to the art.

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  7. Extremities are all crossed for you! xx

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  8. Good luck, I think it’s beautiful! 😊

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  9. Love the design you decided upon – it’s perfect. That orange just pops and draws one’s eye across the canvas. Bravo and good luck!

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