Last Sunday I spent a glorious day at Kingston Lacy with my son and daughter and all 8 grandchildren.

4 of them are in the photo running across the amazing lawns at the end of 6 hours of fun packed outdoor meandering.

The children all sat on the grass for a while pondering what it would be like to be rich enough to live in a place like this. I felt rich beyond measure that we had all been able to spend such a fabulous day together – relieved I don’t have such a huge place to look after, and grateful to the National Trust for maintaining such a perfect place to entertain 8 children for hours on end in a natural environment.

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35 responses to “Rich

  1. I love Kingston lacy! It’s so beautiful 😍

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  2. It would be a great place for hide and seek wouldn’t it? And those shrubs; giant bouncy balls! Definitely couldn’t imagine the responsibilities of caring for such a place though, but how fortunate that it is available to visit, where you can spend such quality time with the littles. The entire day sounds like a beautiful gift Sandra.

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    • Their version of hide and seek is running ahead on the woodland walks to ambush the adults – my boys used to do the same when that age. I’m loving reliving those days from this more relaxed perspective. It certainly was a beautiful gift, one that we can keep unwrapping thanks to the camera. 🙂

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  3. Lovely! Having just spent a marvelous vacation in Wales with family, I wholeheartedly agree that family time brings the biggest riches.

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  5. What a lovely day – richness indeed! How often are you all able to get together?

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    • It used to be twice a year, before the children went to school, now what with the school calendar, the farming calendar and each family’s social calendar it is becoming a rare treat. I do book a week’s holiday every other year when all 15 of us get together – precious times!


  6. “Rich” comes in many forms doesn’t it?

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  7. There is certainly a lot of richness in the image and the story Sandra.

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  8. Sounds like a wonderful day out!

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  9. Sounds like a wonderful day – i hope I get to visit Kingston lacey – my national trust membership is worth every penny. We go to Dunham massey, tatton Park and bodnant gardens in Wales about once a month – wonderful places 🙂

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  10. Counting your blessings! Rich indeed.

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  11. Looks and sounds like a fabulous day!

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