Photo Challenge Round-Up: Courage


This photograph of sky divers was taken at the recent Dorset County Show – I would never have the courage to jump out of a plane, let alone over a crowd of thousands to land in the Main Ring which must have looked like a dot in the distance when they exited the plane.

Jane at Rainbow Junkie …………………….. refugees

Cathy at Nanacathy ………………………… royal

me at Wild Daffodil………………………… .height

Denis at Haiku Hound………………………sea

Christina A Look at the Little Things…….roar


Please let me know if I have missed anyone

Thank you everyone for your courageous entries.

Four fab photo fiends created the 52 Week Photo Challenge, we are:


An update on my Mum: she seems to have sailed through surgery, which is double-edged. Mum has wanted to die every day for the last 5 years, even asking me to take her to Dignitas, but by then her dementia was already noticeable. She thought/hoped the anaesthetic was to send her off into oblivion and she cried when she woke up saying “they didn’t do it did they”.

I have described her dementia and her thoughts and what she says within it as like a Tombola Drum, most of what comes out of her mouth is rubbish and means nothing or nearly nothing, and then all of a sudden, out of the blue you get a winning ticket of a clear lucid thought, expressed perfectly.

So, against her wishes she lives on. The surgery to fix her hip so that it no longer dislocates seems to have been a success and she is now able to walk with a zimmer and has settled back into her care home. At least if she has to soldier on, she has the best quality of life we can give her.

Kerry kindly suggested a selfie of me and my Mum as a photo for courage and the whole ordeal certainly has demanded courage from all of us. The photos I tried to take made me feel too sad to share them. The amazing thing about my Mum is that her cheeky sense of humour can still make us all rock with laughter and at some of the most terrible moments she still had nurses and other patients alike giggling along with us all.




11 responses to “Photo Challenge Round-Up: Courage

  1. There was a time I think I would’ve jumped out of a plane without thinking twice. Having children has made me much more conservative and much less courageous it seems. They are indeed very brave!
    I’m sitting down at the computer on my first Monday eve off since March and feeling so relieved that the end of season is at last here. Hoping to get back in the photo/haiku groove soon.

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  2. A very appropriate image Sandra, sheer insanity that pursuit.

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  3. I understand completely, particularly the comments on wishing to die – here is where your courage is most needed:)

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  4. Courage seems a good word. I am glad your mum, despite everything, can still make you all laugh – that says a lot:)

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