This photo was taken yesterday on my favourite beach, Newgale, Pembrokeshire. I had gone to visit the deep rock pool that my daughter discovered last August. It was deep enough for Miss E, then 8, to immerse herself in. Last year we all threw a pebble in and made a wish. Yesterday I threw the white pebble in to reconnect us all with each other and the place – deep connections.

The other stripy pebble is going to be used for another little ceremony which I hope to share with you later in the week.

A few more photos of Newgale …





The beach is vast and wide when the tide is out, a perfect place for a long walk to fulfil one of my 16 for 16 Challenges

And joining in with our Photo Challenge, please join us with your DEEP photos by leaving a  link in the comments.

Next week’s prompt is




21 responses to “Deep

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  3. Thats an amazing rock pool Sandra, great images

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  4. Love these. Especially, for some reason, that first photo. Makes me want to dip my feet in… ❤

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  6. I loved the ritual with the pebble – and wonderful to be continuing the memories and traditons for another generation

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  7. These are beautiful shots and the story is wonderful. I love it when places have special family memories. Here is my submission for deep.

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  8. The Pembrokeshire coast is beautiful.

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  9. Newgale is a stunning beach. One day I came over the top of the hill and ‘saw’ the sea themed dress I’d designed for my final major in college. The last photo with the bird is brilliant!

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  10. Nice shot 🙂 And made all the better for your connection with the place.

    Here’s my submission for deep. Deep into the woods

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  11. What an amazing place. I like the idea of your little rituals.

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    • I always feel so happy here! It is the beach my Mum brought us too every Summer Holiday of my childhood, so lovely that my children and grandchildren are discovering new treasures on the same beach.


  12. On my little phone screen I thought this was a picture of a dog or a horse asleep, then I realised it was a rock. Nice story to go with the rock pool.

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