Yarn Along in Solva


This morning starts on the best window seat in Solva, with ‘The President’s Hat’ and the start of a new crochet project. Couldn’t be happier!

I am making another version of my Woodland Hoodie pattern, planning to adjust and improve slightly. Master R loves it so much and is still wearing it – now in it’s third year.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

Yesterday I went in search of the yarn bombed footpath sign I’d seen on Coastal Crochet



from a certain angle it looks like a bird or a llama don’t you think?

I climbed down the slipway (centre bottom of the pic) and set off across the beach following this man who walked all the way to the sea, swam and walked all the way back again, no towel, not a hot day – brrrrrrrr!


the tide was right out at 4.30pm


so I could walk round the headland to St.Elvis Bay


and do a bit of Beach Cleaning


and then meandering back


amongst families, artists


dog walkers and fishermen all enjoying the late afternoon and early evening…..

….. before a fabulous meal at the Harbour Inn, followed by our must-do-when-in-Solva – Tony’s Tuesday Bingo – “seven and six, was he worth it”, “Theresa’s Den, number ten”, “two little ducks, quack quack…..”


With a chance to do a few rows between the rounds and the banter.

Perfect day!


39 responses to “Yarn Along in Solva

  1. Beautiful coastline, not one I know!💚💛❤️💜💙

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  2. Love the knitted post! ps I have a peace pole project…

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  3. Oh how glorious! Perfect day for the leisurely rambling around. Love the yarnbombed posts. Ah, beautiful Wales. How long are you there?

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  4. Some amazing images Sandra, what a tide range!

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  5. What a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing that fun yarn bombing!

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  6. A perfect day indeed.

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  7. That yarn bombed sign is so uplifting! The whole scenery is just lovely. I really like the photo of the seaweed 😀

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  8. What a fabulous spot for a bit of crafting! Love the yarn bombed footpath, too.

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  9. A perfect day, for sure! Wow–that beach is spectacular! And I do love the yarn bombing.

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  10. Wow! What a lovely spot. I had a peek at the coast in Newgale in June…not too far distant, but it was just a quick stop on the way to visit two fabulous gardens, Caer Hir and Dyffryn Fernant.

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  11. Looks like you are having a lovely holiday.

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  12. I’m so happy you found it! Beautiful isn’t it!? It’s great to see your photos – the tide was right in when we visited so it’s nice to see what it’s like when the tide’s out. It really sounds like the perfect day 🙂 🙂

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  13. He had left a nice sunny sheltered corner tucked behind the boathouse too! See you Friday? 😉


  14. What a view indeed. They do seem to be made of tough stuff in Solva, for that was a long walk to the water and back ~ I’m shivering at the thought.

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