St Non’s


Yesterday my friend and I went to visit St. Non’s Well, near St.Davids.dsc_0002

St. Non was the mother of St.David


Visiting places of pilgrimage gives me a sense of connection with peace, healing and harmony and they are so often in the most spectacular of places.

The well sits close to the ruins of the old chapel – what a spot!dsc_0004



Close to the Catholic Retreat Centre and the more modern chapeldsc_0007

We walked along the footpath up to the new chapel, and looked back at the shrine which is close to the Well.


This gate into the Retreat Centre’s Garden. I had emailed the Centre before our visit to check that it was ok to visit the chapel and had a warm welcoming reply. It is clear that many people pop into the chapel whilst walking the coast path.


Inside has a calm and cosy feel.


I lit a candle and wrote a prayer for my Mum



The story of St. David has similar elements to it as the story of the birth of Jesus, so many cultures have similar stories.

The story of the building of Chapel is heartwarming as it still stands in the teeth of nature’s storms.


In the garden there is a bench – love it!


Which looks out to sea


Another (sunnier) day I would love to walk the footpath from Solva and sit here with my crochet and a flask of coffee, then get a bus back from St.Davids. Something to look forward to on another visit.

Thank you to Deb for letting me know about St. Non in her June post.

14 responses to “St Non’s

  1. Oh how wonderful! Those old chapels are just so serene, aren’t they? And to sit on the bench with a coffee and a book overlooking the sea would be an absolute joy.

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  2. A lovely walk, and all the best for your Mum

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  3. What a fantastic history and images Sandra. Do many politicians visit there?

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  4. What a lovely, serene spot! I love the combination of ruins, history, and the sea . . .

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  5. What a lovely post and such a sweet little chapel. I always light a candle for my father and brother when we go anywhere near a church. I don’t really know why as I’m not a believer – it’s just a nice thing to do, stop awhile and remember.

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  6. I have been to St Non’s well twice but both times many years ago. I was surprised to find that I recognised it when I saw the photographs. I remember it as being a lovely place too. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

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  7. Probably one of my most favourite spots on the planet. The nuns at the retreat are so amazing, aren’t they? Mr and Mrs Church were lovely people and they are missed in the village, but what a delightful setting for a seat to their memory. My Mum was a bridesmaid at a wedding in that little chapel, many decades past, and it was in February. Can you imagine the cold winds and flimsy bridesmaid dresses?

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    • Oh Deborah, your comment really has ‘made my day’!!!!
      What a delightful addition to the story of the place I had managed to glean. I’m so glad to know more about the Churches. Poignant that they both died in the same year.
      And FEBRUARY!!!!!!!! for a wedding at that chapel – are there photos? – the dresses should have been made of sheepskin!


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