Dorset County Show



Acrylic on Canvas

12″ x 30″         30 x 76cm

Joining in with Paint Party Friday



Click on any photo to see a larger picture.

This is one of my entires for the Dorset County Show which happened on the first weekend of September. It is about time I told you how I got on.

In order to get a free ticket to the Show one needs to have quite a few entries, and as you are only allowed two entries per class, there is a variety of Homecrafts to coverdsc_0012-1


The last three on the list were the photographic classes

My two ‘pictures in any other medium’ were these beach clean art paintings


I arrived early in the morning to put all my exhibits out, so there were very few other entries there.dsc_0001-1

It seemed we were not supposed to put a title or any note about the painting, although no-one really knew.



I got to the show at about midday, eager to see the other entries and if I had got any prizes or comments from the judges. Mine was the only abstract painting in the category.

Here is the winner


Now I look at this again it looks more like pastel to me rather than oil or acrylic, but maybe it is oil pastel.

And our painting?


Here it sits with it’s competitors, no we didn’t get a prize, but it really was fun to enter. Thanks again to everyone who joined in with the creation of this painting, which I love!

Here are the first and second in this category



And some Commended ones



I did get a First for a crocheted wig!



The judge wrote: Brilliant idea. Good even crochet. Nicely distributed curls and combination of stitches. Well done.

And a Highly Commended for the knitted wigdsc_0031

Judge’s comments: Good even stitching. Puffball effect well thought out.

And her comments for the blue Wavy Wig: Nice idea. Well chosen stitches, well finished.

(You can find patterns on my Ravelry page or Etsy shop.)

The winner of the knitting class was a massive jacket, I expect it is snug to wear.


It is interesting to see the variety of things entered in these categories.

I also got a Highly Commended in the portrait category for a photo of my son and his family.

The weekend was a huge success for my daughter’s family who were entering cows and calves. They won trophies galore and Miss E won her class and Best Overall Young Handler with her calf Rainbow Splash.


Proud Granny!


39 responses to “Dorset County Show

  1. Great fun entering open shows. I entered one a couple of weeks ago. I entered a piece of sculpture (alabaster) and a couple of paintings. A condition was that they had to be for sale. The sculpture was priced high (£5000) to deter buying but the paintings were typical prices. The sculpture was awarded second in the show and one of the paintings highly commended. It also sold! Ever since I wish I had not sold it as it was one of my paintings I liked. Well done with your wig.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience Steve. “The one that got away”! pricing art is always tricky isn’t it – I like that way your put a high price on the sculpture – “what would I be prepared to let it go for?” is a good question to ask yourself isn’t it. Hope you had some good photos of your painting. Will you enter again?


  2. Congrats. Beautiful work. Glad it was a nice experience, too. 🙂

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  3. The arts and craft show looks amazing. I love your painting and your crafted wigs!!

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  4. What an interesting and enjoyable experience – and well done for the wigs! Interesting to hear that your daughter has married into a farming family too

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    • Thank you Cathy. Yes my son and daughter are still in farming – it’s in the blood, going back for generations on both sides of the family. The field I look out on at the back of my house is farmed by my son-in-law, so I still feel very connected with the farming calendar – I feel very lucky. 🙂


  5. Your art is so impressive. I see why the wigs won. Congratulations

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  6. Well done! Glad you had some fun, and Congratulations on the wins and getting the family involved too. One can never second guess what a judge is looking for, can they?

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  7. You had a lot of fun creating and exhibiting Sandra, thats what local shows are about, we have them here too and they bring rural communities together.

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  8. I really like your abstract. And what fun wigs! Congratulations🤗.

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  9. Congratulations! I think the experience of entering is probably an excellent learning opportunity. I love your storm painting!

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    • Thank you Debbie. I loved taking part in the competitions – just this once. ‘Storm’ started out as a background for some beach clean art, but then decided I liked it as it is – glad to know you do too.

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  10. Congrats on getting First for your wig and a Highly Commended. I knew nothing about County shows. Fascinating!

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  11. “Conservative” is a nice descriptive word. It is so much easier. 😴
    I like “Storm.” Definitely!
    Congratulations on the well-deserved needlework awards, and to your family for all their awards.
    Well done all!

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  12. Congratulations on your entries and awards. No doubt you have opened minds and hearts with each piece of work.

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  13. Great competition and you certainly fit right in. I never know how judges pick.

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  14. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a shame the beach clean art didn’t win a prize but well done on all your other successes – brilliant!

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  15. Great photos of the show, well done on joining in – glad you had fun. Your ‘storm’ painting is very impressive. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

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  16. You were robbed! I agree with Mrs Snail , the judges are quite conservative and I reckon they often go for size rather than originality. Well done all of you on your winning entries

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  17. My experience of village shows is that the judges are often quite conservative and it looks like this might have been the case with the art classes. I the originality of your work.
    Many congratulations on the first prize for the wig – it does look brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jan for your kind comments. I agree with your thoughts on local shows. I thought it was unlikely I would get any prizes but wanted to join in just to see how the process went. It is a Show I have had connections with since childhood and now that my children and grandchildren are so deeply involved it was fun to play a tiny part.


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