Title pinched from Mrs Snail. Way back in July 2015 Mrs Snail was using Permaculture Principles in her scrap-busting projects and making some fun hats. Using all sorts of bits and pieces of yarn left over from other projects, she tied them together and wound them into a ball and crocheted hats to sell at a Permaculture event.

I thought this was such a FAB!!!!! idea and started tying lengths of left over yarn together, no ends to sew in. My hoarding paid off!!! Hurray!

I thought I would make some seat covers for Pippin, the caravan that sits in my garden.


which is great place to keep the Legodscf9309

But Pippin is a bit old and scrappy as it is, so I don’t think the seat covers made of odd bits of yarn works very well in there. I think granny squares in Cath Kidson colours might look better and smarten the caravan up a bit. What to do with what I have made so far….dscf9298

I just love the random colours and texture this createsdscf9302

I unravelled a cardigan that never gets worndsc_0001

and added to the seat cover to turn it into a blanket. dsc_0004All sorts of yarns in every weight were added together, and I used the cardigan yarn for the border

It has made a snug and cosy blanket that will go off to Syria in November.

I’ve also made a scarf, much loved by Master R.dsc_0001-1




20 responses to “Scraptastic!

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  3. This is very cool. In weaving, there is quite a lot of loom waste and I’ve been pondering what to do with it–maybe a woven project, along the lines of what you’ve done, is the answer!

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  4. I’m saving my longer ends and small balls for something like that too. Not got enough for anything much yet.

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  5. So glad to have inspired you. I have a scrap ball in the making all the time now and make hats once it has grown big enough.

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    • You definitely did Jan – I’m so thrilled to have such a great use for the odd bits left over and make something useful out of them – it’s so simple and WONDERFUL!!!! Hurray for Permaculture thinking!


  6. How thoughtful to send it off to Syria:)

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  7. I love the brightness of it Daffy, all the lovely colours. I bet it is lovely and warm too 🙂

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  8. Wow! This is a great idea. Makes me want to crochet again. Hmmm…wonder if I could remember?

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  9. Ps the owl is very nearly ready to fly. Please could you email me your address.

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  10. Got to love your scraps! Mine get used in toys. I love the blanket you made and the scarf.

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    • It was fun to make out of bits and pieces I’ve been wondering what to do with – feels like has been made for free. All the bits that were too small to tie together will go into stuffing toys etc – I can’t believe how much I’ve got!!!


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