Vase on Monday: Three


It is Cathy’s third anniversary of In a Vase on Monday – huge congratulations to her for this extremely enjoyable get together each week when gardeners from all over the world share what they have in their gardens to put in a vase.

She has chosen the theme of 3 to celebrate the occasion, which gives me an opportunity to show you this fabulous piece of ceramic sculpture/vase which I found in September.

It’s three chambers make it easy to plonk some flowers in and form their own arrangement.

Some years ago I arrived at this pottery near Solvadsc_0011

It was closed but as I was peering in through the windows to see if it was worth returning another day, the potters arrived and they opened up the gallery for me. I fell in love with the pots (and with them!). They have perfected their own unique frost proof glazes and I was tempted to buy some fabulous huge flower pots to put in the garden – at that time I didn’t feel able to afford them. Although worth every penny, I did not feel ready to make that investment. I have never stopped thinking about them – does that ever happen to you?

In September I went back – the Gallery was shut. I wanted to show my friend what I had been going on about for years, and we went to peer in the window – out came Mr. Ciappara, and just as on the first occasion was warm and welcoming and opened up the Gallery for us. He has now retired and his granddaughter Rivka has taken on the family business. dsc_0023

She makes some magnificent thingsdsc_0020



and has a beautiful assistant!


I took a long time to decide…..

….. this?


…. so many beauties to choose from.

I picked them up and could feel as my hands went around them how they had been formed. I asked about the process of making them and learnt of the intricate, time consuming way they are made and how many long hours they have to be in the kiln – the triumphs, the disasters.

The detailsdsc_0003 dsc_0004 dsc_0009

and the texture created by cloth.

In the end I decided on these two. They can go in the garden and I think one day they might sit in or beside the pond I have been planning.  dsc_0015

I’m thrilled with them, especially when the light catches the glazes.

Perfect to celebrate with Cathy and her theme of 3dsc_0017


with some late blooming flowers and the promise of Garrya tasslesdsc_0014

Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day – it is her birthday today – Happy Birthday Cee!

Details of the Pottery


Studio Pottery & Gallery, Caerfarchell,
Saint David’s, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Telephone number:

01437 720366

Facebook Page:




48 responses to “Vase on Monday: Three

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  2. Great choice of vase, so unusual, too. I’m afraid my vase of cuttings from the garden would be full of just that – grass cuttings. Or dandelions, when they’re growing. Maybe the odd daisy and some bramble to add interest!

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  3. Such beautiful vases- and flowers. I have an urge to start a collection. Such a beautiful cat with mesmerising eyes. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like the pottery but I LOVE that cat! Those eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was mesmerised Kerry, and took quite a time to get that portrait photo of him. So beautiful – and friendly! Part of the reason it took so long to get a good photo was that he kept rubbing round my legs, or lying on his back to make friends.


  5. I love that vase Sandra! Both of them are lovely, and special for you after waiting for so long to buy them. Your verbena seems unaware it is November! 🙂 I have never seen Garrya before. Is it an indoor plant?


  6. I love everything about this post! The pottery is beautiful, and the cat, plus the adventures you go on!! I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award! See my post about it here:

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  7. It is lovely to have a souvenir from a day out Sandra, such an interesting vase.

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  8. Your vase is wonderful, I love this type of pottery as sculpture. And what pretty pink and purple flowers for a cold November day.

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  9. I love those vases Daffy, and the story of the lovely family-owned pottery. 🙂

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  10. What a wonderful pottery you found! I love the vases you selected, which of course were perfect for today’s post. I also have Garrya envy. I put in a G. elliptica several months ago – the poor thing is struggling here. It’s a long way from producing blooms but I’m counting myself lucky that it’s survived thus far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good luck with your Garrya, mine was here when I bought the house so I’m very lucky to have an established shrub. It has good years and bad – this year is going to be bumper!


  11. What a perfect vase for today’s theme. Well done! The blue of the glaze really looks so pretty with the flower colours you have chosen.

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  12. Excellent choice and selection of flowers. I love the colors and the Garrya, which I have never seen before.
    Are you beachcleanart? There are some ladies here that do a similar thing, Treasure Coast Trash Creations, they are on Facebook.

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  13. The vases are gorgeous and perfect for the celebration! Your arrangement is wonderful!

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  14. Perfectly lovely and perfect choice for today’s theme. Wonderful to support artists this way.

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  15. Oh Sandra – that vase is such a wonderful find and of course perfect for today. I love the fluidity and the texture of it – how tall is is it? The hesperantha and garrya and verbena are the perfect muted colours to pop into it so thank you for sharing both the vase and its background

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  16. What an amazing and beautiful vase. The pottery is fascinating too. I love looking at hand made pottery though can rarely afford any!

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  17. The vases are stunning, I think you’re going to give us more details, I’d love one of those. The vase beautifully sets off the lovely flowers.

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  18. What beautiful vases and a lovely arrangement.

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