In a Vase on Monday: Birthday Mums


The beautifully autumnal bouquet that I was given on Friday has made three arrangements. dsc_0005

Just perfect to put in the spare bedroom to welcome a very special friend who is coming to stay – so looking forward to seeing her!dsc_0008

Using the Yugoslavian metal jug, given to me by my Mum many years ago, and the dinky square pot made by Chive, which I bought after seeing it at Chelsea Flower Show in June.

The mirror is one given to me by my dear mother-in-law, and the little white nature goddess came from a shop in Glastonbury a long, long time ago.


The glass vase is brightening up the bathroom windowsill.dsc_0020

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and Cee for her Flower of the Day.


40 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Birthday Mums

  1. poetsjasmineblog

    Beautiful beings, spectacular photos! Thank you for these gems. Truly marvelous! ❤

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  2. Oh, those flowers are beautiful, Daffy. I love the way you have arranged them so artfully, as always. It will be a beautiful sight to greet your guest 🙂

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  3. So cheerful! Love the jugs too.

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  4. Your mums are colourful and very cheering. I love the red floral vase and the little square one is delightful. I suspect your home is like mine – full of items that have a memory attached them, like your mirror and the nature goddess. Happy Birthday!

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    • You are right Elizabeth, every item has a memory attached, my home is like a museum of my life and I love it that way! I do like the look of minimalism but I could never live in it! Thank you for the birthday wishes, I have had a fabulous birthday week. ❤


  5. Happy Birthday from yet another Scorpio, maybe it is a gardening sign as well. I do see a Scorpion now and again.
    There is something cheery about Mums this time of year!

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  6. A belated happy birthday! Those mums combine beautifully – I particularly like the red and yellow variety. Enjoy your visit with your friend!

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  7. Happy birthday!

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  8. Happy (belated) birthday. These mums are gorgeous.

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  9. Yes, I forgot to wish you a very happy birthday too in my comment on your last post – sorry ;( – but we could tell it was incdeed a very happy birthday for you ! How nice that you could split your bouquet up and spread it around the house – I do so love the dinky little vase and will check out your link. Thanks for sharing

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  10. Happy Birthday! Another Scorpio (I’m 10/31) – a most creative sign. 🙂 I love the varied array of mums available this time of year.

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  11. Happy birthday,my fellow Scorpion! Lovely vases!

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  12. Happy birthday. Lovely arrangements you’ve assembled. I found your story about your Great Uncle so interesting. My cousin and I are working on family history as well. Going through some of the old photographs can just break your heart they’re so moving.

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  13. Such pretty colors for this time of year.

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  14. Happy Birthday, have a lovely time with your friend; she’ll love the flowers for her room.

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  15. Gorgeous colours – so very cheerful! Happy birthday! 🙂

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  16. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes! I must read back and see how you celebrated. What beautiful blooms to receive, so cheerful and brightening.

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