Dare to be wild and

Dream up colourful designs

Create textile art


Our Photo Challenge: WILD

Ronovan’s : DREAM and DARE

Together they are the ‘Phaiku’ challenge. Go on have a go! Please leave a link in the comments if you do.

The weather has been WILD hereabouts and I did try to get a photo, but they just looked grey and dull……… as I was pondering what photo to use instead, I got up from where I was ‘working’ and looked back – and just like Tracy Emin’s Bed I realised I had created rather a wild mess in my frenzy of delight and inspiration after pouring over my Pinterest Embroidery page.

Can you believe that vast pile of colour produced these tiny little fabric embellishmentsdsc_0001-1

Here they are against a dark backgrounddsc_0001-1-1

They are destined to adorn the textile books I am making for my grandchildren


and maybe some tote bags … one day … when they finally get made .. ……

What is your WILD? Please leave a link in the comments and go over to Cathy k to see what she has come up with.

I do hope the weather takes heed of next week’s prompt: STILL


27 responses to “Wild

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  2. I love the textile books! ❤

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  3. Happy to know I am not the only one who surrounds herself in organized pandemonium when in a creative streak. We just have to accept it and go with the flow. Besides messy is completely different from dirty, and clearly your space is bright and cheery! 😉

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  4. My sitting room looks a bit like that normally! (except for when my son comes round when I clear both seats on the settee so he can sit down. 😳

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  5. How simply lovely. I don’t see chaos. I see wild creativity at work here. Bravo! Thanks for sharing. ~cheers

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  6. I love your area of riotous colour and creativity, Daffy xxx

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  7. Love this creative chaos – and your square painting on the wall above. xx

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  8. What a truly glorious corner. Wild with marvellous riotous colour. The room I forage around in for my fabric just looks like a left luggage depositary. Love your embellishments. The fabric books are going to be fabulous.

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