sweet kisses

tender nuzzling

taste of wine


There’s a Happy Christmas right there!


Photo Challenge: WRAP

Haiku Challenge: KISS and TASTE

‘Phaiku’: combining the two challenges

The Japanese turn wrapping into an art form. They use a Furoshiki, or wrapping cloth. Here’s how to wrap two wine bottles in a way where they are protected from clanking together and include a carrying handle.

Use a piece of cloth 90cm square – a large scarf or small table cloth and place the bottles diagonally with their bases a fist width apart.


Then fold the bottom left corner over the bottles and roll to the opposite corner keeping as tight as possible. Making sure that the last corner is underneath the bottles

dsc_0120 dsc_0121

Then take hold of each bottle by the neck and fold upwards so that they are standingdsc_0122Tie the top with one right over left move.

Leave a gap and tie a reef knot: right over left, left over right – tighten securely.

Et Voilà! or perhaps in Japanese: ここで (Koko de)

(The translation is according to Google Translate, so goodness knows if it is right!)

The fabric I have used is an African wax printdsc_0117

I’m a bit in love with the bold design and vibrant colours of African prints at the moment. These leaf designs are sure to turn up in some pages of doodles soon.

Happy Wrapping!

Next week’s Photo Prompt is


Looking forward to seeing your WRAP photo – please leave a link in the comments.


20 responses to “Wrap

  1. Brilliant! I love this! Also love that cloth. Gorgeous!

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  2. That blue is stunning. My wrap is of a crafty knitted type. https://digwithdorris.wordpress.com

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  3. Fantastic idea, and I love the haiku too…perfect!

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  4. A lovely combination Sandra. I will be back in it soon, hope you have next years ready??

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  5. Laurie Graves

    Nice! And I must add that the blue is Maya blue 😉

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  7. Intersting! I suppose if everybody did that sort of thing you could do lots of recycling. I recycling wrapping paper when I can but often the creases are all in the wrong place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Japanese seem to wrap many things in fabric. A quick iron and the wrapping can be used again. Great for crafting friends. The Furoshiki is often two contrasting fabrics sewn together which creates some pretty effects.

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  8. What a great idea ~ and if you used a scarf that’s an extra element to the gift.

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  9. Brilliant. Happy wrapping indeed!!!!

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