Photo Challenge Prompt: MUSIC

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts: BELLS and RING

I know many of you will be getting festive, but I am retreating into my own little world of creative solitude – bliss!!!!!

Haikus don’t seem to be flowing at the moment, maybe I’ll add one later if inspiration strikes.

The photo above is of a textile book I am putting together as a Baby Book, i thought Rock-a-Bye Baby would be good as the centre page.

I’m making pocket to tuck little records indsc_0010-1

and photo frames and a pen holder inside the front cover


Sending you all a pocket of peace.





5 responses to “Music

  1. Yes, love the pocket of peace too – and the book is looking good 🙂


  2. What a lovely memory book! And may your Christmas be peaceful and joyful.

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  3. Looks lovely Daffy. I hope you enjoy your creative solitude! xxx

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  4. Happy Christmas and enjoy your retreat, it looks idyllic!

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  5. Laurie Graves

    So nice! I love the concept of a pocket of peace.

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