Vase on Monday: Hellebore


Each Monday Cathy invites us to find something from our gardens to pop in a Vase.

Her vase this week has inspired this post as she used some old glass inkwells.

The bottles in my photograph were found in a bank by my house circa 1974. I had masses more but have gradually downsized the collection with each successive house move.

The ‘vase’ contains hellebores that grow in my roadside border under an espalier pear tree; a variegated arum leaf and some twigs from a pretty little hebe given to me by a neighbour


The bottles sit on a shelf in my bedroom that was in dire need of dusting and sorting out – a perfect candidate for the 17 for 2017 List in which my target is:

“13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.”

The bedroom was created in the roof space


I wanted the sides to be left open to give a greater feeling of space


I had such a battle with the builders to keep this space open. I really like the way it gives the room size, and provides a place to keep the things I love having around me. Like a mini art gallery space. The photos below are looking one way then the other – you can see it had become a bit jumbled.


When the shelf was cleared there were pale marks where items had beendsc_0055-1

What to do?

Turn to Permaculture : “THE PROBLEM IS THE SOLUTION”

The problem is the effect of light, the solution: make use of this with some leaf shapes cut out of paper.

Maple Leaf shape.



Each time I clear the shelf I will move the leaf shapes and gradually I will have a pattern of various shades of wood – eventually it will look like the dappled light through a maple tree – well that’s the plan anyway.dsc_0148

Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day



57 responses to “Vase on Monday: Hellebore

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  4. Ingenious solution via brilliant thinking Sandra.

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  5. And a lot of plastic people too especially politicians

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  6. Lovely hellebore, and what a lovely idea with the leaves on the wood. I do hope it works!

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  7. What a brilliant idea with the leaf shapes, do show it again when it has begun to take effect.

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  8. What a creative solution to the fading of the floor! Wow–I hope we get to see the progress along the way. The hellebore is lovely–I keep meaning to plant some and never have yet . . .

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  9. Great collection Sandra. We used to collect old bottles and have a few we hung on to, they are a great reminder of a more substantial past.

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  10. The crocheted daffodils are such a cute idea! I’m still waiting on the real deal as well as the Hellebores. Your Hellebore is looking very lovely, can’t wait! What a good idea to leave the sides open, a useful space for displaying your collections, Sandra!

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  11. Lovely hellebore and impressive bottle collection. Sounds like you hit the mother lode back in ’74! I love your sunlight fading solution – you’re a genius!

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  12. Contractors, what do they know.? Really beautiful and better because of your tenacity. Creativity at it’s finest and I love the bottle collection.

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  13. Your maple leaf collage is brilliant. It reminds me of the basketball floor at the U of Oregon with silhouettes of trees around the edge. Contractors are pretty set in their ways: I’m glad you persisted in getting YOUR way.

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  14. I love your bottle collection and what a clever idea. 🙂 I usually snip a few flowers off the plant and float them in a big glass bowl I have. I was thinking how pretty a window display if you had a variety of tiny heathers and such.

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  15. What a beautiful Hellebore, I love its freckles, and it goes so well with the Hebe. All in all this is a lovely arrangement.

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  16. That’s a lovely hellebore bloom and an exceptionally clever solution for the spots on the shelf. I wish I could employ a similar solution for the water spots on my entryway table!

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    • Oh yes water marks – hmm – I know sanding them can sometimes remove them and then a coat of Danish oil will protect the wood against further splashes. Thank you for your comment Kris.


  17. I love the ink bottles vases and the flowers too! Only you are creative enough to think about creating maple leaf shapes on the shelves!!!!

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  18. I think the leaf shaped shadows will be brilliant!!!

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  19. Beautiful florals and marvelous post. 😀

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  20. I LOVE the idea of the faded leaf shapes! I have a similar thing in my house, only it’s in dust……

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  21. I think the layout of your bedroom is great – how strange that the builders wanted to persuade you otherwise! And of course I like your collection of bottles too – and your hellebores, which are still ahead of mine. Thanks for sharing ps have you really got a bedroom window the full width of the room? I wasn’t sure if this was a temporary opening – but what an amazing feature if it is a window

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  22. I bow to sheer genius!

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  23. Laurie Graves

    Very, very clever! I must admit I wouldn’t have thought of it.

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  24. I’m glad you won the battle. It’s a fabulous bedroom and I agree the extra space works well for your purposes.

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    • The men kept wanting to cover the space and make into cupboards – they just could not believe I wanted it to stay open. I had to stake out the room til it was finished as I wanted it! Thank you for your comment, it feels very supportive.


  25. Love the idea of the faded layered leaf shapes accumulating across the floor – it will be beautiful! 🙂

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