Hedgerow Edge


Well the body of the Dorset Hedgerow (Attic 24’s Moorland Cal) Blanket is anyway – and all those pesky ends are sewn in.


It has been a joy to make, enhanced by joining a delightful dedicated Moorland Cal Facebook group – what a wonderfully supportive group of fabulous women from all over the world. Crochet could save the world!

next the edge

Now I have just the edge to do.


Decision time.

Should I do the edge in pinks and greens



Any ideas? What would you choose?

I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

Ginny asks us to share a book we are reading. Last weekend I was staying with my son and his family in London and he was reading ‘Black Box Thinking’ – he was so enthusiastic about it, I started reading it myself……. in between making yet more seahorses, which were just the right size to take on the train






45 responses to “Hedgerow Edge

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  2. It’s truly beautiful! I tend to think a darker shade frames most subjects best:)

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  3. Well done for completing this apart from the edging, for which I would suggest shades of green

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  4. What a beautiful job you have made of this. I trust whatever you choose to finish the edge with will be just as beautiful.

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  5. I like nanacathy’s idea–that yellow green! I associate it with the first buds of spring. The blanket is flat-out gorgeous–so happy looking!

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  6. It’s a hedgrow blanket so I would go for green , the pale green/yellow of late summer. The book, what’s it about. Oh and I love your blanket.

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    • I like the way you are thinking! Your comment makes me wonder about making some other hedgerow palettes to cover Early Spring (Feb/March) and Late Summer/Autumn (Aug/Sept).
      I have added a photo of what is written on the back of the book. I had to leave it with my son but will ask to borrow when he has finished. My favourite saying to my grandchildren at the moment is “It is not wrong, it is just not finished yet”.


  7. Mustard is one of my favourite colours so I lean towards that. Yellow and pink are a lovely combo. I like the greyish colour there too. With five rows of edging, there sure are plenty of options!

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    • Thank you Melissa. I’m looking at the Mustard, Pale Rose and Silver together – not colours I would ever have thought to put together, but I like it – hmmmmmm……. decisions! Not my strong suit! Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, it is great to mull things over like this.


  8. Beautiful as it is. Hard to imagine a border of any kind.

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  9. What about pink and yellow? ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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  10. It’s beautiful!! Difficult decision about the edging- either would look lovely but somehow I’m veering to blues… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. Lovely work! Am inclined to agree about the border: neutral.
    You might try laying out a cream sheet & arranging the blanket evenly, to get the effect of a neutral border. Leave it, if you have the space!, for several days and see what you think after casual glances at different times of the day & night.
    Whatever your decision, know it will be glorious! xx

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  12. I like it just as it is too, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be lovely.

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  13. Great to see the finished blanket. I can really see the ground, hedgerows and sky – beautiful! I would edge it with something fairly neutral: grey or dark green maybe. (I see one of your new seahorses is skinny. Is that because lots of sea horses are skinnier that your original ones?)

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    • So glad you like it RJ, it was fun to make. Neutral is good and what most people are going for.
      Re the skinny seahorse – it was a mistake! But then, I thought that some seahorses are skinny so I left it and might do more skinny ones – once you have the basic pattern it is easy to play around creating individual shapes – will you make a skinny one?

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  14. I agree with Tina, I don’t think the blanket needs an edge. It’s just beautiful the way it is. Though if I were to pick an edge color, I’d go with a light pink or gray.

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  15. Your blanket is just beautiful. Personally, I think I’d go for a neutral cream rather than focus on pink or blue which might distract the eye from the main body of the work.
    Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus for yesterday! lots happening in the village, but was unable to attend for the first time, but there we are. Put up a few of the decorated windows over on my blog if you want to see, and there are links too, to previous years events. One day you must be here for the celebrations!

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    • Thank you Deb. I loved looking at your photos of St.Davids, it was like we were walking round it together – I miss it!!! Yes, I must come one year – maybe I’ll put it in the diary now for next year.

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  16. This is beautiful just the way it is, but if you are going to add edging to it, I think the lightest color of pink, or white.

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