17 for 2017: February

I have set myself a few targets for 2017:

17 – walks longer than an hour


3 in January

2 in February

On the 5th.Feb I went for a foggy walk with a friend near Hardy’s Monument.


We came across the remains of a burnt out car


Now that might not look very enticing to you – but since making art out of Beach Clean finds, a pile of charred and rusty trash is like treasure to me. Luckily my friend knows me well enough and was happy to help me gather bits from the ashes and put them in the boot of her car to take home.

If you would like to see pictures of a walk at Hardy’s Monument on a sunnier day, click HERE.

On the 12th Feb my daughter, her friend and their children joined me on a trip to Lewesdon Hill  where we hunted for a Geocache box (and found it!). We all went back to Washingpool, the best Farm Shop in Dorset, if not the world! for a delicious Sunday roast.

Washingpool was used as a location in the current TV drama ‘Broadchurch’.

16 – handmade greetings cards.


15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

14 – items for my Etsy shop



The pattern for this Jane Austen inspired wig is at last in the Etsy and Ravelry shop as a PDF download.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.


One in January and in February the shelf in my bedroom


12 – WIPs finished

I have been working on 2, not quite done yet.

11 – paintings/ art works

Working towards an exhibition in May/June 2018

10 – house and garden tasks (split into 5x 2s – make two quiches, paint two chairs, complete two house projects, complete two garden projects, raise two pumpkin plants)

9 – textile books worked on.

8 – hand written letters to grandchildren

7 – find 7 interesting objects

6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin.

5  – random acts of kindness

4 – new National Trust properties visited

3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing 

2 – meet two fellow bloggers

1 – car boot sale

0 – Buy zero new clothes



It is so good to review this every month – much to do!


If you would like to join us leave a link in the comments below.



32 responses to “17 for 2017: February

  1. Always good to read about your progress, Sandra – and I am definitely with you on picking up random artefacts, as the Golfer will confirm! 😉

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  2. I love that you found treasure in such an unlikely place. No surprise, knowing you and all.
    Also congrats on the wig pattern being finished. That is no small task!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Melissa. There is currently a TV show on the BBC called ‘Money for Nothing’, a woman rescues things from being thrown in the tip and makes saleable items with them – uh oh! I would love to do that!!!!
      Patterns do take me ages to complete – it is such hard work and it makes my brain ache!


  3. Activities for a mighty busy lady.

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great progress!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You seem to be doing so well already, Daffy! I love it that wherever you go you find some treasures for your projects!! 🙂

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Great progress! And, never a dull moment with so many projects?

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  7. That’s a great hat! What a clever design!

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  8. Love the wig. You are doing brilliantly, but Hardy’s monument– no picture???

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    • Thanks Cathy, it was so foggy on the day, we couldn’t see the monument from our route, if you click on the link you can see a picture. I did go on a walk there a couple of years ago on a sunny day – I’ll find that and put a link in the post. xx


  9. Just reading your list makes me feel exhausted but you seem to be getting on very well with some of them! Your Hellebore looks the same as mine.

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  10. I’m not a blogger but I’m loving working through my list. It definitely pushes me to do more. X

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  11. Oh, I see there’s some I’m not following… I will rectify that a bit later today 🙂
    Your abundance of greetings cards has inspired me and I have a plan… just need to get the materials now…

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  12. Good luck Sandra. Over here the police take a keen interest in burnt out cars.

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  13. What a fun hat/wig!
    I knit this hat for my grandson.

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  14. Sounds like you’re doing well! I’m still a bit disappointed with my February progress but there’s still a lot of the year left!

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