shout out for crochet

twisting yarn around the hook

stress-busting at best


The prompts put together this week: SPIRAL and TWIST and SHOUT

Ron’s Haiku prompts of Twist and Shout immediately sent me off to You Tube and had my 12 year old self dancing like no-one was watching! (no-one was!)


I was 8 years old in 1960 and remember doing the Twist with my Mum and Dad in the kitchen, they were practicing before going out to a party. My Dad had his own special farmer’s style, his hands looked like he was driving a tractor and he sort of clenched his teeth with his chin sticking out a bit. I have a fond memory of him dancing the twist, just like that in his 70’s with me and my then teenage children one New Year’s Eve. My Dad died in 1998 so it is lovely to share these sweet memories.


Joining in with Ritu’s Musical March Meme

I hope you enjoyed getting your Twist going with me, no bad way to start the day! A good workout – just right before settling into a bit of crochet

The photo for the challenge is of my first attempt at this pattern for a blanket full of spirals.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with spirals since Eleonora over at Coastal Crochet set me off on a quest to create a whole group of ammonites to be included in some future Beach Clean Art. Whilst experimenting with her pattern I made all sorts of shapes and sizes, then wondered if I could create my own pattern for a knitted version.

Experiments with knitted spirals:


mixed in with crocheted spirals

DSC_0517DSC_0516 (1)

This is as far as I have got with my experiments – nearly there I think.



Update: I have just realised I have written posts about Spirals before – my favourite is the one I mowed in grass in an orchard I once had – you can see it in this post.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

Cathy and I have put a list together for a photo a week during 2017. We are on WEEK 11 .

Click here to see the whole list and if you have snapped any Spirals to share, please leave a link in the comments and I will include it in my monthly round-up.


Now I’m off for another prance around the living room to Twist and Shout! Join me?



38 responses to “Spiral

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  2. Hi, hi, hi! One of my favourites, from the heart and hands of my oldest baby. Xx

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  4. The image of your dad made me smile πŸ™‚
    You have a wonderful way of displaying your artwork for photos and the lighting is always really good too.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I will post my spirals tomorrow.
    Sleep well darling! Xx

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    • Thank you Melissa, I was sound asleep when you posted your lovely comment. I had a lovely w/e thank you, family and friends to lunch on Sunday, perfect!
      I photograph my work against a plain white art canvas which I lie next to a big window in my sitting room. I’m so glad to know you like the effect. On dull days I lighten the photo once it gets onto the computer.
      Looking forward to your Spirals.

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  5. Oh yes, memories…! Certainly made me smile fondly, reading about yours. I can see how your spirals have become addictive – i especially like the multicoloured knitted ones

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  7. I have found time to do a photographic post on spirals this week. You can find it here – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/one-a-week-photo-challenge-spiral/

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  8. I have 3 spiral Haibuns this week Sandra and doubled up with Ronovan too. at https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/spiral-trio/

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  9. Great double challenge haiku Sandra and interesting spirals and reflective childhood stories

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  10. Love that whole era of the twist:) Great memories:)

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  11. Wow – I’m LOVING all your ammonites, knitted and crocheted! Thanks for the shout out! I’m so happy to have inspired you to get spiralling! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  12. Love those spirals and such a sweet story about your father.

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  13. I remember dancing The Twist at the first dances I went to in my teens. Makes me feel old!
    Looks like knitting is better for creating ammonites! I can see you are going another way but I actually quite like the pink one.

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  14. Great choices!!

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  15. Oh, I love those spirals, Daffy!!!
    I love those two songs you picked. My step-dad loved to do the twist and was always on the dance floor whenever it came on.
    Thanks for the lovely memories, and for sharing yours of your dad πŸ™‚

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  16. Nice memories of your dad! My sister won a twist contest when she was a teenager–she could move those hips. And I love your spirals, too–there’s something about the spiral form that’s always intriguing.

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    • It is so good to hear ‘Twist’ memories. Your sister’s Twisting must have been something to see Kerry!
      The spiral is everywhere once you start looking isn’t it. I’ve just realised I have posted about them before – will add a link now.


  17. Love these spirals! My babysitter taught me the twist! I adored her. Lovely Dad memories.

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  18. My friend Sarah is making a ‘starry night’ blanket for her daughter… it’s full of free form spirals and is driving her a bit nuts! This is her fb crochet page, where you can see how she’s getting on: https://www.facebook.com/RosieJosCrochet/
    Your ammonites are fab!

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    • Oh My! Thanks for the link, that blanket looks FABULOUS, very Van Gogh! I’m not surprised it is driving her nuts, spirals are not easy/relaxing to crochet, I’m having second thoughts about making that blanket!!!

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  19. I LOVE those spirals! I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
    Now, they told me to dance like no one was watching, so I did. I’ve still got 150 hours of community service left to do ~ lol!
    I was a fan of the Twist too! My aunt bought me a ‘twist dress’ and boy! did I think I was the bees knees in it?
    Lovely image of your Dad dancing ~ no one dances quite like a Dad, do they?

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