a light breeze blowing

primroses growing by trees

busy buzzing bees




and  BentleyDSC_0567

Combining our One-A-Week Photo Challenge: HISTORICAL,

Ronovan’s Haiku prompts: BREEZE and BLOW


Cee’s Which Way Challenge


My sister, Bentley and I went for a really good long walk at Badbury Rings last week, an Iron Age Hill Fort, near Wimborne in Dorset. DSC_0550Another walk towards my  17 for 2017 target.DSC_0554

I am always trying to catch Bentley unawares as, like most dogs, he doesn’t like having his photo takenDSC_0553

We walked round the ramparts, across the top and then round the back of the Rings


Spotting plenty of ‘Which Way’ scenes to photograph


Breeze, blow, Bentley with branch, Badbury, bees, boat and barn (and later on, back for blanket, a brew and banana cake)


This willow was a-buzzzzzzzzzzzzzin with bees, both honey and bumble. DSC_0586We tried for ages to get some good photos, but failed, imagine a loud and constant hum DSC_0589accompanied by birdsong from the woods beyond.

The boat had seen better days and was probably home to many little creatures

The barn, festooned with ivy,



another wildlife haven.

Then back home for delicious cake made for us by my lovely niece


who was very happy to receive her Dorset Hedgerow Blanket


She is at Uni studying to be a vet in Glasgow, so it will be nice to have something from home to snuggle under in the evenings, even though it is now officially Spring.

Happy Spring Equinox one and all!


Cathy and I would love you to join us in our One-A-Week Photo Challenge, just leave a link in the comments to your Historical Photos, current or archive all are welcome.

For up and coming subjects go to the Photo Challenge Page.


“Happy Snapping”


52 responses to “Historical

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  2. Oh what a lovely country walk!! Thanks for taking me with you 🙂

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  4. The sweeping looks astounding Sandra. Bradbury rings is some place I haven’t been to since I was a tyke. Still resembles an incredible place for strolls.

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  5. The blanket looks fabulous Sandra. Bradbury rings is somewhere I haven’t been to since I was a child. Still looks like a great place for walks. Going to look up knoll gardens now.

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  6. Hi Sandra, here is my contribution for HISTORICAL. Cheers Denis

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  7. The blanket looks great! The effort was worthwhile 🙂 Lovely to have Spring in the air, isn’t it? Ooh, and a small piece of that cake would be nice…

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  8. History to a 20 year old is not the same as it is to an 80 year old. 🙂 https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/photo-challenge-historical/

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  9. What lovely photos- so pleased that your crochet blanket was well received.

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  10. A beautiful set of images and stories Sandra and a creative haiku for Ronovan’s challenge slipped in there as well.

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    • Thank you Denis. The haiku doesn’t hang together as I would have liked, it is more like just a snapshot in words of the walk, but this is what came into my head straight away so I went with it. Poetic licence!

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  11. Lovely series of photos. I can hear the bees and enjoyed the ‘which way’ shot alot. And your afghan looks well loved already. The dog is just gorgeous!

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    • Thank you Melissa. The post sums up a lovely day with my sister etc. a lovely ‘diary’ entry to look back on. Bentley is such a gentle soul and the blanket has a good home – all very satisfying. ❤


  12. Looks like another interesting walk and cake! I have produced a post to show a photograph for the Challenge this week. It is here – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/one-a-week-photo-challenge-historical/

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  13. Wonderful post Daffy. I love the haiku, and the photos. That hedgerow blanket is beautiful, I am sure your niece will give it plenty of snuggling!

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  14. Great post for this week. Thanks for playing.

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  15. Always love how you tell a story with photographs, Sandra. Wonderful post. ❤

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  16. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a beautiful walk, dog and blanket. Thanks for sharing!

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  17. So nice to go on a walk with you! A great way to start my Tuesday. Your niece looks very cozy with her throw. And I really enjoyed seeing your dog buddy. A day of simple pleasures. As we would say in Maine, a finest kind of day.

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  18. You’ve outdone yourself with this wonderful photo-story! For awhile I was confused when you said “my sister, Bentley and I went…” What an unusual name for a lady. But then out he popped in several photos. Love how Labs must have a toy in their mouth. Thank you for the smiles!

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  19. You really outdid yourself with this post! The photos are marvelous–what a picturesque walk, and dog, too! I can tell the blanket you made is much appreciated, too!

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    • Thank you so much Kerry, it enriches the whole experience knowing I have you along with me when I’m enjoying the Dorset countryside. I need to make a blanket for my nephew next!


  20. What lovely pictures – I love to see other parts of the country that even as a tourist/visitor I’d never get to 🙂 and how handsome is Bentley? I love the one of him and his bear x
    There’s nothing better than a walk in the fresh air followed by tea and cake I’m still trying to decide which “historical” picture to use – I’m a history geek so have plenty!

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  22. Love this post. The beautiful scenery and lovely pup. It doesn’t look too warm there, my kind of weather. The blanket you made turned out beautiful! I love the color you selected for the edging. You are so talented!

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  23. what a lovely way to start my day in windy and wet west Wales by joining you on a delightful walk where the weather is less harsh!
    Your Hedgerow Blanket looks amazing! Previous images belie the true size and beauty of it in use. “Bravo Zulus” to you! {an Americanism I picked up for well done!}
    I have just finished reading “Mrs Calcott’s Army”, the fine debut novel by Lorraine Swoboda, which is set in a fictitional version of Wimborne in Dorset!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad to have you with me on my walk Deb. West Wales does wet and windy best! Absolutely LOVE “Bravo Zulus”!!!!! i’m going to introduce that to my grandchildren they are sure to love it too. I didn’t know about the book you mention – interesting!


  24. What a great photo story, thank you. It’s a fantastic place that we visit quite often on our way to Knoll Gardens so reading this brings back some happy memories.

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  25. Where do I begin with an apreciation for this post ? A stunning walk with a Woofer, cake, blanket, bees and a historical link. Brilliant.

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