Photo Challenge Round-Up March

Cathy of Nanacathy, and I have put together a list of Photo Prompts for each week of 2017. We get very excited to see how each person interprets the subjects. There is always such a fascinating variety as we often tie the prompt in with the subject of our own individual blogs. A few of us like to link the photo in with other challenges too.

My March collection:

Week 10: FLOOR

Cathy at Nanacathy

Denis of Haiku Hound

Postcard from Gibraltar

Beth at I Am Branching Out

A first time entry from Joelle at  Rant-Along and you get a Limerick as well!

and JP at On To My Next 40 Years

Sandra at Wild Daffodil 

Week 11: SPIRAL

Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at RainbowJunkie

Melissa at Aran Artisan

Denis at Haiku Hound, plus not just one but Threeeeeee combined challenge Haikus!!!

J at Onto my Next 40 Years

Postcard from Gibraltar

Welcome to Hayley at It’s My Mess and I Love it. (My favourite blog post title, it could be mine!) A great first time entry.

Beth at I Am Branching Out

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Denis at Haiku Hound

Joelle at Rant- Along

Deborah at Raindrops on Roses ……..   welcome Deborah

Hayley at It’s My Mess and I love It

Postcard from Gibraltar

Beth at I Am Branching Out

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week 13: VAN

Cathy at Nanacathy

Postcard from Gibraltar

Beth at I Am Branching Out

Sandra at Wild Daffodil



Subjects for April are POND, LUNCH, ARCH and NATURE

To join in with our challenge please leave a link to your photo in the comments of my post each week, or on Cathy’s post at Nanacathy. Current or archive posts and photographs are all welcome. We usually post our entries on a Tuesday.

I enjoy doing a round up at the end of each month. I do hope I haven’t missed anyone, but if I have please let me know so that I can add your link to the list.

10 responses to “Photo Challenge Round-Up March

  1. Always interesting to see the interpretations, Sandra

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  2. Thanks for this round up! I’ve had a lovely time looking through everyone’s offerings and even found a duplicate! Great minds clearly think alike! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do love putting all the entries together and it makes it even better to know you like it too. I do love that van – I’m not surprised it has found it’s way in twice – following your post I contacting the fab guys of Little Fingy because I am seriously thinking of giving my lil ole car a similar makeover!


  3. Thank you for the monthly round up posts. I love going to look at other people’s posts and they are so easy to find when you group them together like this x

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  4. I’ve just been given a sock pattern that has your spiral as the heel! I’m very new to socks so leaving it a while but will definitely give it a go soon

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  5. I do love that spiral of yours

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